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Traders and services: Access Capital Markets reviews

Access Capital Markets reviews broker. New reviews website Dwain Ross ★★★★★


How to start trading on Forex from $ 250? UK Broker Plans: Access Capital Markets Reviews

Nowadays broker is chosen when it meets your requirements as for account types and the level of service. The service is usually on the first place. The developing number of brokers has prompted justifiable rivalry, from which customers can just profit: exchanging is getting more available, and the scope of administrations is getting more extensive. For instance, for the individuals who have contributed 1,000 of dollars, there is now a chance to get leverage of 1:300 and surprisingly more. Now it is usual for clients to have their personal managers and advisors. They can help with education and analyst.

We will try to analyze all these new trends discovering a company from England - Access Capital Markets reviews do honor to its reputation on the market. There is nothing surprising: it has more than 20 years of experience and the current number of investors has almost reached 10 thousand.

Recently broker also started to conquer the CIS segment.

What reviews can demonstrate us:

The site of a broker is well navigated and user friendly.

“I wrote to Access Capital Markets last September,” Marta Fedorova from Saratov post on her social media page.

«I have been a client of the company for more than a year. I want to note, first of all, that never during the whole time of our cooperation did I have any doubts about the honesty of the company. The broker works stably, provides quite good trading conditions, and most importantly - it is clear that the company really values every client. I can only confirm the quality of services provided and the undeniable positive reputation of the company. I recommend this broker to everyone in the financial markets. At I liked the simple Russian site, and then their platform.»

To understand what conditions the company offers to work together to increase your investment, where everyone's responsibility ends, you should read the user agreements and other statutory documents.

Note that is thinking about security of you funds and supports AML and KYC. These are the policy of anti-money laundering and financial fraud.

You will have to confirm that you agree to it as well.

Also you will have to fill out the registration form. There it is significant not to be mixed up in the information, as this may turn into a justification prohibition to the account confirmation method and to Forex trading.

Any inquiries regarding organization, its administrations, just as about enlistment and check, can be asked by reaching broker by telephone or by email. This is additionally an approach to contact support team. reviews on account types


To get information about the company's tariffs, go to the "Account Types" section on the website in the menu item dedicated to investing.

Here we see six types of tariffs.

Let's conditionally divide them into two groups: the first - for novice investors and clients with an average contribution; the second is for advanced traders with large deposits.

Let's compare the possibilities of different tariffs:








Black VIP

Deposit ($)








Currencies only (9)






Personal management




Manager and personal analyst

Manager and personal analyst

Manager and personal analyst

Account insurance







Insured transactions















All tariffs provide trading of micro-lots, fixed and floating spreads, as well as daily signals sending. According to reviews, the Black VIP account provide you unlimited amount of analytical materials.

Let's also consider Access Capital Markets reviews from clients on the effectiveness of tariff plans:

Michael Travis, Krakow, 29, sales manager:

«For me, trading in the financial markets is, first of all, an honest business, where you do not need to deceive anyone, conduct long negotiations on prices and supplies. All operations are instantly performed and you depend only on your own analytical abilities. This is what brought me to a company where I opened an account for trading in the financial markets. I allocate no more than two hours a day and this is enough for me to earn monthly.with Access Capital Markets»

Lily Vines Manchester (UK), 35, florist

«I checked the Access Capital Markets on personal experience. Everything here is very clear and transparent, the broker is honest and reliable. From my experience I can say that I have never had any problems, neither with the withdrawal of money, nor with the terminal. For all questions, I always contact technical support, they will always answer and help me at any time of the day. For those who are serious about making money, not playing.»


Access Capital Markets reviews speak for its good market reputation, reliability and highly attentive customer support. European traders as well as their colleagues from CIS countries admit the simplicity of trading platform. Customers also leave positive reviews about withdrawal and wide tariff plans.


Comments (12)
user_avatarPark Ferdinand 07.05.2021

When I changed a broker for the best conditions, I had to switch to a new platform, Metatrader 4. Not bad, by the way. I read a lot about flexibility and customizability. With detailed instructions quickly figured out with all the nuances. access capital markets has seriously approached the creation of an efficient and resistant to external changes of the system. At a minimum, but there is everything you need. Functional enough even for an experienced trader. Beginners can quickly gain conscious experience. Even without demo accounts, training videos and workshops. Recently appeared affiliate program. There are all conditions for successful scalping. For intraday trading conditions are excellent, spreads are fixed, quotes don't overstate, zero commission for I / O and high execution speed. Very good native analytics, by the way, I use it constantly. The withdrawal is also efficient, for a couple of hours you can withdraw any amount.

user_avatarHolland Oliver 09.05.2021

I have been working with access capital markets for a year now. I still see him as a promising and ambitious broker. It is interesting to trade here, although noobs will have to sweat at first. For them, there is no entertainment and educational programs. Experts in this theme can be opened immediately on expensive rates, for example, for 10,000 dollars. Here spreads are even more profitable. By the way, you can trade not only the currency, as many newbies like. If you have enough courage and experience, take precious metals, raw materials, oil or food. It is possible, especially without risking, to work with cryptocurrency. Broker takes only proven options. There is the same tactful attitude of support on all tariffs, personal manager, 1: 300 leverage, static spreads, news trading and excellent scalping. MT has a native application for installation on mobile gadgets. There was only one moment of misunderstanding, when I tried to install a terminal on a MacBook, for some reason it did not go. Put it on the emulator in the end, well at least that works stably and does not lag.

user_avatarBooker David 21.05.2021

I have been working with access capital markets broker for about 9 months and I still don’t see an alternative. I just have enough here. All promises the company fulfills, conditions on the move do not change. Spreads and quotes are at the same level and every working day can be predicted. Moreover, given daily deployed analytics. You can work with trading bots. Technically, the system works confidently, there were no disconnects. With the support I have a good relationship, no one has ever been rude, and questions are always answered. Zero I / O commission. The entrance threshold is 250 dollars to the base package, a very good order execution speed, I am satisfied. Always displayed without problems, promptly. The first time I had to go through account verification.

user_avatarBradford Rodger 25.05.2021

I was looking for a broker with a stable system without crashes and brakes. As a result, I stopped at access capital markets, the conditions also suited me. Not a kitchen, deals are all real. Money deduced clearly without delay, so it is not a scam. Сustomers are not lured here with promotions and bonuses. Support is competent, uncommitted transactions in your account do not conduct and do not draw anything. Work on the market for more than two years. As I understand it, they position themselves as a team of employees with a long history of working in trading. Well, yes, here somehow everything is so collected on a minimum, but it works stably and thoughtfully. Conditions do not change from the very beginning. The only annoying lack of fast ways to communicate with vupport. I do not like hanging on the phone.

user_avatarCole Benjamin 26.05.2021

Discovered for myself access capital markets last summer. I read reviews on the forums. Someone made a user rating of promising brokers with good conditions and a normal baggage of positive feedbacks. The reputation of the broker has already developed. According to rumors, the company engaged experienced financiers, so everything is justified and without excesses. There are no tournaments and contests on the site. Also no irritant advertising of shares and luring bonuses. Clean everything for work. You can trade currency pairs, there are about 50. Spreads and quotes on average, like in the market, maybe a little lower. There is no commission for withdrawal, input at the current rate. I like working with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Technical support is always ready to help with advice and action if you need to get out of a confusing situation.

user_avatarWilliams Horace 01.06.2021

Before registering at access capital markets, I talked quite tightly with technical support. There were a lot of questions. Before that, I had lost money on spreads in Alpari, so I already wanted to lay straw on all possible difficulties. Managers gave full information, gave a link to the manual to the trading platform. By the way, I already had experience with MetaTrader 4. A good terminal, immediately put it on the tablet, so as not to become attached to the home computer. What can I say, consultants work out their bread. Clearly trade every day. In another way, I can not explain such a clear understanding of all relevant processes in the market. I like the whole system, the conditions also came up. I withdrew several times, it always took no more than two hours, to the card. Static spreads, quotes sane. You can contact the support via e-mail and the usual talephone. Yes, a frivolous attitude against the background of total productivity. I'm waiting for the online chat window to appear on the site.

user_avatarTerry Williamя 12.06.2021

I trade with the broker access capital markets. When I read reviews on the forums, I liked the fact that conditions do not change here. The previous broker, without any particular reason, conducted a review of all tariffs, replaced some, and removed some (mine) altogether. I think that this is disrespect for the client. Here the broker has only four client tariffs. Not much, but starting costs only $ 250. The conditions are standard for the market, but the fixed spreads and quotes do not crawl away. Daily analytics, support managers at all stages of work. No complaints about the speed of execution and the stability of the system, even in volatility, the decline is not critical. Scalping is good here too. Intuitive terminal MetaTrader is configured from A to Z, you can even minimize slippage. There is no entertainment on the site, the focus is on performance. And I'm just glad. Profit grows, money goes.

user_avatarGibbs Ezra 09.07.2021

Once I complained to my friend about financial difficulties after the birth of second child. Without any hesitation, he offered to start working with forex, they say, a good source of income, there will always be a second and even third salary. Sent a link to broker access capital markets. He said to read the conditions and promised to help with the setting for the first time. Well, I'm not a fool, I could open an account myself. Technical support answered all questions. Later, a friend installed a platform, set up trading bots. Honestly, for three months I sat with my eyes wide open, studied and understood. Bomb speed, just manage to keep track of the situation. Analytics is updated every day. Statistics updates instantly. Very fast replenishment, but I did not withdraw anything yet. I sit on the starting rate for $ 250. When I started to build a strategy, I leaked half of the deposit, but then returned everything. I can say that everything is not so scary as it seemed at the beginning. I think I will succeed.

user_avatarSullivan Virgil 01.08.2021

Reliable broker, you can trade normally if you yourself are not mistaken. Money is paid. Trade conditions acceptable.

user_avatarSparks Christopher 14.08.2021

The output of profit on the card occurs quickly, in this company, you should not worry about this! Never fill!

user_avatarShields Myles 23.08.2021

Here you can take analytics and there is a base of strategies from which I chose for myself. I personally united them and try to achieve stable trading.

user_avatarCollins Joseph 27.08.2021

Good broker, easy to open an account, excellent customer service. Competent technical support, and the main operational response.