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Advice from Access Capital Markets scam protection in just three steps

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Types of Brokerage scam: Popular Schemes, How to Protect Yourself

According to scam avoiding department, when a person first decides to make money on currency fluctuations, he or she faces a serious challenge. First, the market requires a willingness not only to make a profit but also to lose. Sometimes it's all about losing. But very few people want to consider such a scenario. According to experienced brokers, for example, Access Capital Markets, scam can appear not only in fraud schemes.  It also hides in manipulating the client's opinion for personal income.

Experts advise not to put an amount greater than the amount that the trader is ready to lose in the auction. So that his family, business and personal budget do not collapse. But people who have allocated that 15 - 20 % of savings recommended by brokers do not always go to trade in currency. On the contrary, a year of life in a crisis and epidemic forced many others to look for alternative types of earnings. This is sometimes not only about additional income, but also about survival.

There are more and more traders who invest small savings that are key to their budgets. In such a situation, it is very important to choose a decent and experienced broker. It will help you better understand the market, warn you about unprofitable strategies, and talk about speculation.

How to find such a specialist or company? The competition among intermediary companies is high. Many of them (like Access Capital Markets) recently entered the CIS region and began to work with investors from Russia and other countries. In order not to argue which broker is better (read the Trustpilot website, there are a lot of reviews about such companies), it is better to go from the opposite: to highlight the obvious signs of those companies that definitely cannot offer their clients anything useful.

According to Access Capital Markets scam is impossible if the broker is transparent

First, let us tell you why it is best to choose Access Capital Markets as your Expert Advisor. There are five reasons for this:

More information about the company can be found on its website. It is an example of a website that is as transparent as possible for customers. On scam is impossible, because the company provides all its details, shows several communication methods and opens all the documentation.

Types of scam. Tips from Access Capital Markets Scam Avoiding Department

Let's take a quick look at the most popular types of traps that traders fall into. According to Access Capital Markets scam most often plays on emotions, on the ambitions of investors.

Beautiful promises - disappointed expectations

A company may have the very best of intentions, but a lack of customers often leads to dirty marketing strategies.

Enter the broker and earnings on Forex in the search box - and in the search results, you will receive up to a dozen advertisements promising fabulous profit.

You always want to call the ad and ask: “Are you serious? Profit up to 300% ?! ”. Sometimes it’s true, and you can get such a profit, even higher - but this is not a mandatory trading result, which is achieved repeatedly. To get such an income or at least believe in it, you need to either have a phenomenal flair and a lot of experience, or you are an inexperienced green newbie who wants a lot of money from some "ad tricks".

The probability of going bankrupt and losing your deposits is the same 50/50 as usual. A normal honest broker will help you gradually master market trends, learn to trade small amounts, see speculative actions - and then you can already hope for luck and take risks.  Forex in this sense remains the most "calm" and safe territory for beginners, where it is worth getting the first trading skills. But according to scam can await at every turn, if, for example, you entrust your money to some unverified advisor.

The aforementioned types of assets are available in trading with the Forex broker Access Capital Markets at five out of six tariff packages. Only in the first of them ("Novice"), there is no opportunity to use other assets besides currencies.

Each strategy is unique, and experience helps to build it

On the one hand, the experience can of course be bought. A broker is hired because it can provide a valuable recommendation. But on the other hand, there is also personal experience, unique vision, and own strategy. Forming it is a process in which expert advice is beneficial. But these are recommendations, not an attempt to “sell a strategy”, which we have repeatedly encountered in monitoring services from some so-called brokers.

What are we talking about? Customers are offered to buy a super-profitable recipe for making money on exchange rate fluctuations. To buy a ready-made recipe, not work out their own strategy. At the same time, there is no question of training, opening a tariff plan, or at least signing a contract. No, such “strategies” are sold almost like cakes - from hand to hand, on some forums, through comments on social networks. 

Here we can only advise one thing – to not put any belief in it. Do not buy them. It's just money thrown away. Strategies are traded by fraudsters, who sell the same recipe to hundreds of gullible traders.


Lack of reputation is bad reputation

If you decide to check online Access Capital Markets reviews you will come across hundreds of comments. Opinions will be different: most of them are still positive, but customers who had technical problems with a malfunction of the company's software or had been waiting for a withdrawal of funds for a long time also left feedback 

In general, the company has a long-term reputation, some live customers leave their diverse opinions.

It is bad if this broker is not ready to contact directly (it does not place its phone number for contact on website and gets off with email correspondence), or if company is delaying sending you documents (in fact, they are public and must be shown to the client on demand). There is a chance that the company either has not completed its registration procedures, or has not yet entered the market, or is only developing its software. In all these cases, there is no point in starting cooperation with it.

Also, such behavior of a broker may indicate its dishonesty and even that it is a scam!

Conclusions: We have listed only three simple signs that should alert you when choosing a broker:

Pay attention to whether the company of your choice has these problems, or whether its policy with clients is clear, transparent and honest.

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