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Is it convenient to use the terminal and the trading application? Apollofinances reviews of traders.

In this review, we will consider the services of a broker Apollofinances.

Where were the Apollofinances reviews collected?

In light of the economic crisis, people who own at least a small amount of capital started thinking about investing. At this moment, many Western companies turned their eyes to users of smaller European countries. It’s a growing market, that’s why more loyal tariffs and conditions are developed for new traders from those locations.

Apollofinances reviews are not so common, because until recently this broker was just exploring a new region. However, the company began to promote its services actively last year.

In our review, we decided to focus on the reviews of the broker's clients from Europe - nevertheless, there are dozens of such responses and publications, and they form a most complete picture of the quality of services.

Most of the feedbacks were taken from Trustpilot website and Facebook, as well as forex broker ratings sites. reviews and a short summary of the site

If you are interested in the company's tariffs, they are listed in the ‘Account types’ section and are targeted at almost any investment size - from $250 to $50,000. You just need to choose a suitable type and market for trading. The company advises investors on the topics of trading in currencies, commodities (raw materials market), international indices (this is useful for ‘long’ investments), as well as stocks. Most instruments are present as CFDs, contracts for differences, which allow more fast and dynamical trading.

All the answers about the advantages of trading with one or another asset can be obtained from your account manager. Regardless of the chosen trading account type, a personal manager will always be somewhere by your side to help you in any issue. In case of larger investments it is also possible to use help of expert advisors and company analysts.

According to the account type, training programs for traders are also provided.

Website summary: you can easily navigate on it, with all the info available via clear interface. When compiling this review, we were most interested in the broker's software and customer feedback on the work of trading platforms.

Apollo Finances web platform and terminal - reviews and ratings reviews Web Platform: Secure Online Access

Trading on the web platform is always more convenient than through the software installed on a personal computer. Access to the platform is carried out through a personal login and password, which the client receives after opening an account and can be adjusted in the personal account on the website.

The platform from Apollo Finances is made on the principle of MetaTrader4, has a clear interface in seven languages to choose from. The client receives hints using the tools and can easily navigates through the dashboard.

Operations with the web platform is considered safe, but experts advise not to make extremely large transactions through the client access to the online platform, preferring opening more different trades on the same asset. However, most traders still choose the option of web browser application, because it is fast and convenient, and does not require allocating space on a PC to download the entire program.

There are practically no difficulties with the terminal, according to reviews and traders opinion. The main thing is the correct installation, and if the software works fine from the first time, it won’t bother its owner with any issues after that. reviews Mobile trader - application for round-the-clock access

A smartphone application can be considered a full-fledged trading platform, even while it can be difficult to conclude some types of transactions with it.

However, a mob trader is perfect for those who are serious about trading and want to keep abreast of changes in the market. Firstly, the application gives access to your personal account, where you can correct information and even place orders. Secondly, through the application, you can receive the distribution of top signals.


Apollofinances Reviews

Oliver Russo, 43 years old, Verona (Italy), co-owner of the trucking service:

“ is a great helper in my business. I have to understand what happens to currencies even when I sleep! So I immediately installed both the terminal and the application for myself, I did it from the website using the QR code. "

Richard Sampion, 37 years old, Manchester (UK), coffee shop owner:

“For three years I have been trading almost daily. Only in the first year did I manage to assemble it for an inexpensive car. I don’t invest more than I’m willing to lose if luck turns away from me. But until today, this has never happened, because I have a good broker. This is a specialist from Apollofinances. "

Raul Marino, 40 years old, Bergamo (Italy), trade worker:

"The platform from Apollofinances suits me, because it is a reliable broker who took care of the comfort of clients - the main screen is pleasing to the eye, all the tools are at hand, the picture is great."

Todd Dodwell, 25 years old, Madrid (Spain), entrepreneur:

“I have been using the terminal for a year and a half. Several times I did not understand how to connect the new functionality, but, fortunately, the support responds very quickly to all requests. This is a very convenient program, I was a beginner trader when I started using it, and I understood the basic principles almost immediately. "


Client’s of Apollofinances reviews testify, the broker's software is made “with love” - clear, easy to use, and functions well without failures. If problems do occur, they can be easily resolved with 24/7 Support.

Comments (33)
user_avatarTim 16.04.2021

I heard that last month there was a problem on a similar site - users could not get their money, which was stuck in the account for a week. Does anyone know what the reason was there? Does it happen here? I have only been working with this broker for about two weeks. Reviews usually sound good, but I haven't run into problems myself yet. So far I like everything.

user_avatarAlbert 21.04.2021

The disadvantage of the service is delays in the withdrawal of earned money. I was on hold for 11 hours! Damn it, why does every broker's money freeze sooner or later? The support team gave me a consultation, they promised to resolve the issue within half a day. In practice, they invested in time.

user_avatarMatteo 21.04.2021

As for me, I have no complaints about delays. Whoever burst into tears about the problems with the withdrawal of money, just never got into scams. In this case, you need to risk exactly the amount that you can afford to lose painlessly. This market is tough. There are plenty of scammers. There are no complaints about this broker - the team works around the clock. Delays are resolved quickly.

user_avatarAntonio 24.04.2021

I'm working with this company since October, and my monthly profit goes between about 22-25%. It great result for me and I’m proceeding with them.

user_avatarTieri 29.04.2021

Looks like some hard times for trading. Note and more reasons to stick to a solid broker like this company. I did. And going to continue working with them, too. Still on standard account yet

user_avatarLois 07.05.2021

Analyzed their conditions. Not so much ways to add money to your acc, but there os no additional commissions and fees, so you can trade as much as you want. Probably it depends on number of their clients, don’t know.

user_avatarAllen 15.05.2021

Friends, I recommend synchronous trading to everyone! With my minimal experience, I use the recommendations of experts and make profitable trades, even without special knowledge! By the way, who said there, there are no problems with withdrawal at all! Earnings were transferred to the electronic wallet instantly!

user_avatarAnthony 22.05.2021

I started trading on a demo account, this allows you to make more transactions and not lose large amounts. I can say that the psychological factor of fear of trading with real money has been successfully overcome! I recommend it to everyone.

user_avatarWilfred 01.06.2021

I am a housewife, my husband does not want me to work, but it is necessary to develop. I am grateful to a friend who brought me to this broker. My husband is not against my trade. He even acted as an investor. He said that he has acquaintances who trade with this broker and it can be trusted!

user_avatarMark Mitchell 04.06.2021

I am not an expert in the forex market, but I feel this company is really good. They are always helpful, together with them I dove into trading, and can recommend them for other beginner traders. I am grateful to them and believe other novices can try cooperating with them.

user_avatarCarl Webster 14.06.2021

I never dreamt to make a fortune in a few days. However, my positive balance increased on 37% in a month. With this low spreads they do not take much money from you. I plan to work with them in the future, they are good for business.

user_avatarJose Jennings 15.06.2021

I made an account here 10 months ago. Haven’t had any major issues. My monthly profit is 20-22% - seems pretty fine.

user_avatarMichael Martinez 18.06.2021

These are hard times for most traders - one more reason to pick reliable broker and stick to them. I'm satisfied with this one. Wish I was able to invest more.

user_avatarJames Rodriquez 23.06.2021

Well, I’m more than satisfied with what I earned here last month. If you need some additional income, this is the place.

user_avatarKeith Gomez 26.06.2021

At first I wasn’t sure about working with this company as it was hard to find info on their conditions. Tried anyway and I don’t regret it. They are pretty professional and trustworthy.

user_avatarParrish Solomon 03.07.2021

I trade on MetaTrader 4 with Apollofinances. Passed an easy registration, threw money and started trading. Everything is clear and simple. Money is entered at the current rate of the bank, there are no additional commissions, by the way. Very thoughtful native application for the tablet, spent a couple of minutes on the installation, this is my version, convenient. It was a big problem with a book, I had to dance around it - for MT there is no native application, I had to put it on the emulator. Well, that is not buggy and does not slow down. The broker executes orders quickly itself, and fast withdrawal to the same.

user_avatarReeves Peter 07.07.2021

Unpleasantly broke off relations with the former broker, he raised the commission and a loss arrived to me at the withdrawal. Why do I need it? changed the broker and now trade on the website of Apollofinances. Young, but strong, confident player. The commission costs only on spreads, + bank fee for withdrawal. No slippings, disconnects, and excellent scalping. Deals are flying, so while there are no complaints, let's see how everything goes further.

user_avatarLang David 07.07.2021

Opened a basic account at Apollofinances a month ago. Already thinking about going up the deposit and switching to a silver package. I have experience, just at the start I decided to test the system, and I am completely satisfied, by the way. I studied the speed of execution of orders, the presence of requotes, looked at the work of managers. I didn’t want to know that they were muddling the left spiers behind their backs, sometimes it happens with some.. Satisfied with clarity, for the month so no problems have arisen. Several times I had to contact the support and hang 5 minutes on the line. Once terminal hung for a couple of times on the smart, but I only blame myself. In the end, Meta Trader takes up a gig of RAM.

user_avatarQuinn Thomas 09.07.2021

Friends advised to open an account at Apollofinances six months ago, they said that they have a profit, and the system is predictable, and the conditions are beyond praise. I read the reviews on the Internet, well, yes, it is painted promisingly, and the water does not pour. Registered. I have been trading for 4 months. I realized that sometimes advertising should be believed, expectations were justified))) Fast withdrawal - there is, you can withdraw to the card, e-wallet, to the bank account. Low spreads, static. There are no training webinars, tournaments, competitions, not such a large list of services. But on the other hand, MetaTrader 4 is a simple terminal, there is no commission for I / O and average market quotes.

user_avatarHill Osborne 17.07.2021

Going to register in the BCS. Listen, I seem not a fool, but never reached the end of the procedure. So much for everything! Originals, scans, a lot of papers, any difficulties out of nowhere. In general, I quit this ungrateful business and opened an account with Capital Hal. Do not compare: I registered in a couple of minutes, replenished the bill, uploaded the scanned dock and the trading started. Another 5-7 minutes to download, install and study the terminal MetaTrader 4. Installed MT both on the laptop and on the smartphone. Conditions are decent, low spreads, the commission is only on them. Papers of course need to be filled, but only once, when you are already starting trading, before the first withdrawal. What is necessary before removal is understandable, but when it is necessary to confirm something before you start working, I do not understand this.

user_avatarBriggs Richard 26.07.2021

Soon there will be a year, as I trade with Apollofinances. I came here from Insta Forex, as far as I remember, after successful trading with demos, then I suddenly lose the entire deposit on my real account on spreads. Yes, exactly, that's why I left. Apollofinances broker has static spreads, that's what I came for. They are low in themselves and do not gallop like a horse while market is in a fever. Another good thing is that the quotes correspond to the average market level. Specially compared with the sites of other brokers. I personally trade EUR USD and looked just for them. Only support doesn't particularly in a hurry to please. In the mornings it’s generally unrealistic to get through, you have to wait. The consultants are excellent, a very smart team, they will tell and explain everything, but there it’s obviously time to expand the staff, they simply don’t have enough hands. In general, I'm willing to give the broker a confident four, IMHO.

user_avatarJoseph Nicholas 02.08.2021

Yeah, Apollo Finances is okay. As far as I’m concerned (and I’ve worked with them for two month now), they are your slightly-above-average broker who can get you some good profits.

user_avatarKennedy Thomas 11.08.2021

Apollo Finances? Yeah, worked with them. Solid, quite solid. Good money, good times.

user_avatarRoss Ethan 12.08.2021

I’ve had some financial problems recently and decided I need to create some new income source; forex and Apollo Finances were my tool of choice, I’m already getting some results. Hope they will be getting better with time.

user_avatarFox Ronald 22.08.2021

I had a conversation with Apollo Finances representative, you know, these broker dudes. He was quite persuasive and good-speaking, so I might just try their service a bit later. Gotta check my savings first.

user_avatarBradford Brian 22.08.2021

I do not agree with those who criticize Apollo Finances support service, to me it looks just fine.

user_avatarBlack Paul 30.08.2021

I prefer earning my money the old-fashioned way (you know, having a JOB), so I don't think I will be working with Apollo Finances anytime soon. A bit jealous about some of my friends profiting high with them though.

user_avatarGaines Paul 05.09.2021

I started here and I'm very glad that I have chosen this company. I was lucky with my manager. He was very patient, he told me the foundations of trade. Today I could already teach someone himself. For this level, I did not have to look for information elsewhere - all you need to know about deals and strategies is told in this company. The main thing is that it brings tangible income.

user_avatarMiller Austin 09.09.2021

I recommend this broker to everyone who first steps in trade. Here you will find a sensitive setting in which you will feel - you do not want to benefit from them, but you will learn to be attentive to react right to trends, to see these trends ...

user_avatarHicks Charles 12.09.2021

Does this broker consistently offer so favorable conditions or is he just a temporary trick for new customers? Anyone working with him for more than a month, please write their impressions. I have to bet before, short and long.

user_avatarWilkerson Chester 16.09.2021

Everything I once wanted by the trade was to achieve more profit. But I have much more - invaluable life experience, the ability to analyze a situation and recognize your positive potential. This is the philosophy that has taught me this broker.

user_avatarMathews Erick 22.09.2021

How do these extremely low spreads usually behave? I came here because of them. You write a lot about this broker, I want to try it

user_avatarButler Roger 28.09.2021

I'm doing weekend offers here. Everything fits me. We've managed to earn good money last time. If you have problems, just contact your Account Manager.