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Choosing a broker is one of the first major decisions a novice trader makes. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for beginners to accept it hastily, which is why they then face unpleasant consequences. The reason is that in addition to bona fide resellers, there are also scam brokers on the market, whose goal is to make the most of their clients. Alas, cooperation with such brokers often results in large losses of funds and disappointment. How to choose a broker wisely and avoid problems? What if you have already contacted a scammer? We with AssetShot forex broker experts will discuss these issues in our article.

AssetShot scam check tips

To understand what to look for when choosing, you need to remember what the main goal of the broker is. We know that it is a trading intermediary that brings a trader's transactions to the market. Therefore, it must have sufficient technical equipment to have uninterrupted access to the market and promptly execute trader's orders. In addition, it should provide the trader with a convenient way to replenish the balance and withdraw funds, as well as adequate prices for his services. Keeping these conditions in mind, consider what else you need to check before starting to cooperate with a broker step by step.

The ability to make money on the exchange largely depends on the reliability of the broker.

AssetShot scam check tips: Conditions

You can find out the terms of cooperation with a broker on the official website by contacting the manager, or by reading a sample service agreement. Read the terms carefully, especially the points marked with an asterisk and in small print. This way you can get the most complete picture of tariffs, prices and the presence of hidden fees. scam check tips: User ratings and reviews

One of the best indicators when choosing a broker is the opinion of his real clients. Therefore, take the time to study the reviews and user ratings to form an objective opinion on the account of the brokerage firm. Pay special attention to the issue of withdrawing funds from the account and the speed of order execution. If there are many complaints about technical problems or delays in withdrawing funds, it is better to look for a reliable broker. scam check Advice: Be objective and filter information. It is very important to distinguish between negative reviews of novice traders, written on emotions, and reviews, which set out the real facts confirming fraudulent actions. scam check: How to avoid fraudsters?

Whether you are looking to become a trader or investor, it is important not to fall for the bait of scammers. Therefore, checking brokers for fraudulent activities is an important step for a beginner or for a currency speculator who has decided to change the intermediary company. But how not to be mistaken? How not pass by a good company simply because it was slandered? How not give money to those who will never return it?

AssetShot scam check: Looking for the best

We warn you right away: finding a really good broker is not an easy task. This is difficult only since the modern foreign exchange market uses the services of an incredibly large number of such specialists, among whom, of course, there may be amateurs and scammers.

However, there are some important aspects to identifying an experienced and honest broker. So, pay attention to the following criteria:

1. Reliability.

In most cases, to understand how reliable a particular intermediary is, it is worth paying attention to its credibility, assessing how long it has been working in the financial market.

Of course, authority is a very abstract concept, but it is still important. Of course, focusing only on good reviews on the Internet or certificates is illogical. We recommend that you find truly objective information about a specific broker, which is posted, for example, in the media or on specialized forums.

2. The size of the initial payment.

Pay attention to how much the broker offers you to deposit to open a real trading account. For example, the minimum deposit on AssetShot is only $250. Quite a few beginners decide to start their trading career with the risk of small sums of money. So we come to the point that we are looking for a broker that does not require a large down payment.

A broker who offers to use the services of good service has the right to demand a sufficiently large deposit. For him, this is a kind of guarantee of your seriousness in your trading practice.

3. Make sure the broker provides demo account opening. Such demo accounts are a good tool for testing specialist services. At AssetShot you can simply have one. 

4. The broker must have an unparalleled service with accompanying tutorials, analytical software and professional customer service.

5. Double-check if the dealing company offers the leverage you are used to working with.

In general, many other factors and criteria must be followed when choosing a broker. 

We have provided you with only the most important tips, but there are many other nuances. Good luck!




Comments (5)
user_avatarReed Magnus 17.06.2021

Just before winter, I connected to a young AssetShot broker. Briefly, the company has a very cool backbone of experienced stuff, management and well-designed work system. Now it would be good for this skeleton to build up meat in the form of a comfortable site. And also to expand the list of methods of communication with support, the choice of tariffs and all sorts of utility for the client. IMHO, not enough now. No tournaments, competitions, promotions. Only four client packages are presented, and in the base all financial services are at a minimum. It is possible that the company will not develop in this direction, in general, this is also not bad. Especially if the focus will continue to be on quality, sustainability and speed. There are really no questions to the technical component. The execution is fast, there are no disconnects, slippage can be redeemed with the correct settings in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. Suitable scalping and you can trade on the news, plus excellent analytics. MT can be put on all gadgets.

user_avatarJohnson Mark 26.06.2021

Fun how it's easy to register with this new broker, AssetShot. I like this in this system, everything is clear, fast and without surprises. Opened a trading account, put the money, immediately began to trade, and only before the first withdrawal it is necessary to go the verification. When I called the support with questions, the manager immediately told me what exactly I wouldn’t find here. Something like promotions, trading tournaments and competitions. There are also no training webinars and demo accounts. Then he told about the dignity. I agree, it's perfect. The system is stable, orders are executed quickly, requotes and slippage are few. Here is everything you need for scalping. Excellent analytics, established spreads, no commission for input and output. I respect the terminal MT 4, it is cool. It is a normal broker, IMHO.

user_avatarQuinn Joshua 11.07.2021

For two months I have been trading with AssetShot broker. Opened an account at the request of a friend. Before that, I was looking for information on the net for a long time. I went out for a couple of traders who have been trading here for half a year, talked to them and calmed down. According to the conditions and quality of services there are no complaints, everything suits. There are difficulties due to congestion of the telephone line, it is difficult to get through. There are no other ways to quickly resolve support issues. The company is ambitious, it works stably. I think that over time, all roughness smooth out. The execution speed is good, all financial operations are performed almost instantly. It takes seconds to open and close a trade. I withdrew a week ago the first profit, no problems, spent almost two hours on everything. Leverage 1: 300, fixed spreads, about 50 currency pairs. Technically everything works flawlessly.

user_avatarWelch Brendan 21.07.2021

Six months ago, I signed up with AssetShot broker. By the way, very simple registration. I put immediately three hundred dollars in the account. Took the initial level. In total, the broker has four user tariffs. Spreads are the same static for all of them, but are becoming more profitable with each level. All rates have the same leverage of 1: 300 and you can trade on the news. The broker, under the conditions, does not have a percentage for input and output, top-up at the current rate. For a good start, everything is there. And even beginners will understand the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Technical support is always on the pick-up, only you have to wait a long time for the connection during a call. Managers work around the clock, answer questions correctly and give detailed advice always on the topic. I think every consultant trades at the workplace in parallel with the main activity, in order to keep track of the nuances in the market and be aware of the slightest changes.

user_avatarSnow Charles 27.07.2021

Last year I said goodbye to one famous broker after a year of work. Updating the service did not benefit the company. Management stuffed a bunch of unnecessary services to the list of new tools, and the total cost went up. Then the people began to leave and look for other options. A friend from the forum sent me a link for a friendly registration (or something like that) at new broker AssetShot. He wrote that he already started selling there himself. It looks like good prospects. By the conditions, everything came up to me. The account was opened on the basic package, everything is at a minimum there, albeit without insurance. Paid 250 dollars. Spreads relative to the market are low, fixed. Speed allows you to indulge in scalping, and you can also trade on the news. There is a personal manager for each client. The terminal is only MetaTrader 4, but it suits me. There are no complaints about the execution of warrants. There is no commission for replenishment and withdrawal. Withdrawing funds turns out really fast to a card or wallet. It takes an hour and a half. You can also withdraw to a bank account, but you must understand that such operations can take a day or three. Good support, by the way, smart. The overall feeling that the system is assembled by people competent in the matter, but there are minor annoying factors. For example, it is impossible to call quickly in support, and you can contact the managers only by phone, well, you can also write a letter. Hope this will change soon.