The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks

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If you decide to trade on an exchange, you have two options. The first is to trust the manager. This method is suitable for those who do not have the time or desire to invest on their own. The second option is to do everything yourself: develop a strategy for investing money and take responsibility for the transactions.

However, you won't be able to simply come to the exchange and trade on your own. You will need a broker - an intermediary between the investor and the issuer, that is, between you and the company whose securities you plan to buy. A broker is a company that is licensed to operate in the stock market and is entitled to transact in securities for an investor.

You can register with a broker such as ChaseCapitalOnline broker to start your trading journey.

Read on to find out how to separate the good from the bad, the fair from the shady, and start your online trading journey without any falsification.

ChaseCapitalOnline Forex experts advise several ways to check whether your broker is reputable and stable.

How to interact with a broker?

  1. Sign an agreement with a broker. Review the terms of the ChaseCapitalOnline broker brokerage agreement. As a rule, brokers publish a standard contract with tariffs on their website. If the prices and other conditions suit you, you can conclude an agreement at the broker's office or send notarized documents by mail. You can also sign a contract using remote identification.
  2. Open an account with a ChaseCapitalOnline broker and deposit money on it. The broker will then be able to buy securities for you. The most profitable thing is to open an individual investment account (IIA), which will allow you to save on taxes.
  3. Create a securities account. The securities you buy must be posted somewhere. To do this, you need to open a depo account (account for accounting for securities) in the depository. The custodian may be a separate company that is not affiliated with your broker. But often, in addition to a brokerage license, a broker also has a depository license and combines these two functions.
  4. Now you are ready to trade on the exchange - you can instruct the broker ChaseCapitalOnline Forex to buy and sell securities. This can be done by phone, online - using a special program - a trading terminal or through the broker's mobile application.
  5. A broker performs operations on the stock market on your behalf. In addition to money for the purchase of securities, a commission is debited from the brokerage account - a fee for the fact that the broker helps you perform these operations.
  6. With the help of a broker, you can withdraw money to your bank account. They can also take a commission for this. The broker will calculate and withhold tax on your income.

Before accepting an order for a transaction, the ChaseCapitalOnline Forex broker must warn you about all possible costs.

The intermediary must also inform you about the current bid and ask prices for the selected financial instruments. Some securities may turn out to be illiquid - that is, it will be difficult to find a buyer for them.

The broker itself chooses how to provide you with data on additional costs. It could just be a link to a page on his site. Make sure in advance that the information is clear and that you can quickly figure it out.

If the broker does not report all the nuances and because of this you incur losses, then you will have the right to demand compensation for losses, including through the courts.

There are situations when it is important to make deals very quickly. Then you can opt out of receiving alerts about additional costs so that the broker will immediately execute your orders. But in this case, it will not be possible to present claims to the intermediary due to losses that will be associated with a lack of information.

What to learn and what to check when choosing a broker:

Financial performance

Check out the list of the largest brokers. ChaseCapitalOnline Forex broker specialists say, large trading volumes do not guarantee you complete peace of mind, but it means that the company has many clients and they trust it with significant capital.


Study the broker's website, read customer reviews on the Internet. Pay attention to the history of the company - whether its name was associated with financial scandals. Search financial news - you suddenly hear something interesting about your potential broker.


ChaseCapitalOnline Forex broker advises, read the risk disclosure before signing an agreement with a broker. This document describes in detail why you can lose money when trading on the securities market.

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