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Trading with Empire Swiss: Trader's overview, profile and account types

Empire Swiss: account types Dwain Ross

When choosing a broker to trade Forex, with commodities or cryptocurrencies, it is very important to choose a reliable and convenient partner. Let's take a look at the conditions Empire Swiss offers traders, its advantages, disadvantages and peculiarities.

Empire Swiss products

Empire Swiss is a broker with more than a decade of history and a wide range of products. The company offers its clients the opportunity to trade in Forex, indices, precious metals, cryptocurrencies and commodities. Empire Swiss is constantly expanding and improving its product line. Traders can choose a convenient type of Empire Swiss account depending on the type of assets they are interested in.

Empire Swiss account types

The broker offers a wide range of accounts to suit all wallets and interests. You can start real trading from as little as $500 and get maximum service from $250000. In addition, there are, of course, demo accounts as well.

The current account types are as follows:

24/7 support is available for all Empire Swiss account types. There is an introductory sessional with an analyst for the basic account and a permanent financial analyst for the later ones. For top account types, there is weekly analytics and other bonuses.

There are also Managed Account Types:

Managed account types provide the largest list of services. Experienced financial advisors will continually monitor progress and build up personal portfolios. The bigger the down payment, the more comprehensive the assistance and service.

Empire Swiss market spread and Empire Swiss website

Empire Swiss's website is user-friendly and concise. What is particularly attractive is the extensive knowledge base available to all traders, which enables them to continuously improve their skills. The broker's trading platform is based on the time-tested MetaTrader 4 platform.

Despite the large number of active users, the website and, most importantly, the trading platform operate steadily with a fast response time. Thus, the platform allows efficient trading in scalping mode and other strategies that require stable and fast systems.

The platform enables effective using of various analytical tools for technical analysis. Using a large number of tools at the same time does not overload the system and does not threaten its efficient operation.

According to Empire Swiss's technical director Andreas Schmidt, the website and trading platform are available at all times. There have only been a few times in our long history when technical work has made the website unavailable for a considerable period of time and this has been due to force majeure. 

Market Empire Swiss spread review

An extremely important indicator that directly affects the profitability of trading with each particular broker. Empire Swiss spreads are at or below the market average, allowing you to trade efficiently on small price movements and not go into deficit.

Financial authorities control spreads in some jurisdictions. Nevertheless, you should not rely entirely on anonymous officials. We recommend that you review Empire Swiss spreads yourself on a regular basis.

Disadvantages of Empire Swiss

In all the time we have been preparing our review, we have not identified many shortcomings. Firstly, we were not always satisfied with non-English language support. Support in other languages proves to be slower. For efficient exchange, trading you should surely know English, but you always want to get the best service.

In addition, the withdrawal tools are not as extensive. Withdrawals in cryptocurrency are not possible at the moment. This is due to legal restrictions imposed on a legal broker. Hopefully, the law will make it possible to expand the possibility of using bitcoin.

Third-party reviews of Empire Swiss

Empire Swiss review reddit shows that the broker has a good reputation among traders. With a large community around the world, the network concentrates a wealth of knowledge on every subject, which is what it is valuable for.

Empire Swiss review trustpilot is also an important source of information. Here the review also leaves a favourable impression. The comments are balanced, which adds to the confidence in the reliability of the broker. Having such a large customer base and a long period of operation, Empire Swiss has not received any disparaging comments on this resource.

However, in future monitoring we recommend giving preference to Empire Swiss review on Trustpilot, as Reddit moderators do not always have time to remove black PR, spam and slander.

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