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Expert Empire Swiss review 2022

Empire Swiss Forex Broker review 2022 Dwain Ross ★★★★★

You have to choose a broker to trade on the stock exchange. This is an intermediary between the stock market and the client. They receive a certain commission for their work. If you are just getting started in trading, look out for Empire Swiss. 

More about Empire Swiss

Empire Swiss - best forex broker for beginners, allowing you to trade Forex. The platform is modern and functional. There are more than 120 financial instruments that players can use at any time. Plus, there are tutorials, demo account for real quotes.

The service is available 24 hours a day. There are incentive bonuses and plenty of analytical information. No hidden fees or commissions. Everything is available, transparent and clear. The minimum deposit amount for Empire Swiss is $10.

The website has a calendar of economic events and a schedule of trading sessions. Plus, the platform offers expert analyses, forecasts and reviews.

The Empire Swiss broker is suitable for beginners and experienced traders alike. There is a fast support service and several ways to deposit/withdraw funds.

A bit of history

The service is new, but already has more than 1,000 satisfied customers. The founding date of Empire Swiss is January 28, 2020, although the company appeared at the end of 2018. In that time, tremendous work has been done, which has led to a new level.

The company gave customers the option of not paying deposit fees and expanded its list of trading assets to include precious metals and oil contracts.

What can Empire Swiss customers expect?

Empire Swiss has the best broker account ratings and a convenient withdrawal/replenishment system and multilingual support service. There are training materials to improve your trading skills. You can open a demo account to gain experience.

The company also offers special offers. For example, you can count on certain trading conditions (if you have a certain amount on deposit).

Remember that the minimum deposit amount at Empire Swiss is $10. The service has no hidden fees. There is also no additional service charge.

What services can it offer?

Empire Swiss provides free training (articles and webinars). In the educational section you can find answers to popular questions, terms of cooperation, working with the trading terminal, etc. There is a glossary of terms/concepts used in Forex, informative articles. Training is supervised by an expert.

Seminars are periodically held for exchange players. There are different courses that teach how to manage risk, invest. Beginners can attend classes that teach the basics of trading.

The platform offers more than 120 tools, including several calculators and expert analyses. It also offers downloadable terminals:

They contain technical analysis indicators, trading robots and other functionality for successful closing of trades.

The analytics section is also full of useful information. This is where statistics, "moods" and other "goodies" are placed.

Legal details

Empire Swiss licence from 2018, obtained in the UK. The service is registered in England. There is also a permit issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (all documents can be found in the relevant section).

The broker is one of the largest companies. It has more than a thousand satisfied customers and several million open accounts. Monthly turnover exceeds 10,000,000 dollars.

Forex trading with Empire Swiss

Empire Swiss broker specialises in online trading. There are various currency accounts and instruments available. Here's what it has to offer:

Empire Swiss trading permits are divided into countries and asset classes. 


The Empire Swiss exchange is ideal for forex and best forex brokers for low cost trading . There is training material, competent support service, bonuses. Minimum deposit is $10. It is also possible to open a demo account. The company is licensed. Works legally since 2018. There are more than 120 financial instruments in the arsenal. Thousands of satisfied clients and several millions of open accounts. You can trade around the clock.


Comments (11)
user_avatarBarber Damian 3.11.2022

U Empire swiss non -trade risks are minimal and it really does not look like scam.

user_avatarBenson Christopher 5.11.2022

Golding the goldflake worked clearly. Empire swiss helped out. The commission also reduced the commission from the other broker the same pose did not hook with two points. And it is useless to write complaints, such as a market

user_avatarWoods David 8.11.2022

Dear staff Empire swiss Everything is very cool! We are satisfied with the input and conclusion without problems, quickly and simply there are no words, you just need to be able to earn)) Thank you !!!

user_avatarJordan Jayson 12.11.2022

I trade in Empire swiss for about a year. I still conquer the amounts are small, and the profit also comes out, but reliably. I trade myself, without any strategies. The day is different from the day, but in general I shoot 9-16% stably. In general, you can trade. Only a question is, tell me why the withdrawal of money is going on for so long? Is it possible to quickly establish this process? Thank you.

user_avatarFarmer Henry 16.11.2022

If you want to try yourself in Forex, then you need to start with Empire swiss. Reliable support service, you can open any kind of demo accounts. Quick display of changes in currency quotes. You can see your income. And my advice to you, trust your jobs less, and learn to trade yourself.

user_avatarHawkins Williamя 15.12.2022

In Empire Swiss, everything is wonderful! I trade only in a calendar. The principle is simple. I choose the news, arrange the grips in advance, stock up and sit, look. My main problem before I got into the Empire Swiss was only one, brokers (and there were two of them), which I traded, did not allow working on the news. For example, I put out the outflow somewhere in the area of some level, not at itself, but somewhere rows. The news came out, the price jumped and straight at my level removed the outflow, straight peep in the peep. And then began to fall and drag the deal into minus. You look at the graphs of other brokers, and there the price did not reach mine a couple of steps. Familiar? This is only one example. My friend advised me by the broker Empire Swiss, now he lives in England, went there to work. He began to trade me before when he began to earn more abroad. He said what you are tormented, go to Empire Swiss and you will calmly trade on any news. So I went here in the end. So guys, if the broker is strangling and does not allow working on the volatile market normally, do not sit, get together and go here. Nerves are more expensive.

user_avatarBoyd Derek 16.12.2022

You can say a newcomer in trading, Empire Swiss is my first company where I decided to open a similar deposit. Registration seemed a little confusing to me, and did not expect that so much data needed to be sent (and maybe so correctly from the broker). Well, okay. The employees turned out to be very pleasant people, you can always contact the support, I write right on the site, and the person answers, not the robot, and the financial analyst is assisted, I didn’t even count on this, to be honest. Forex turned out to be easier than it seemed to me. And now about the minuses (though there is more inconvenience than minus): I replenished a trading account from two cards in Empire Swiss. No questions followed. Well, I think. But when I ordered the withdrawal of funds (the amount was less than the replenishment from any of the cards, if it is important), then they required the verification of not only the card that I wanted to withdraw, but both. So this must be taken into account. It is better to immediately ask the manager and go to verification, the moment is mandatory and not put it off for later.

user_avatarAnthony Reginald 21.12.2022

I am an active currency trader. I stopped trade when I lost its first deposit on them. From that moment I trade only currency in principle (such is my decision). I believe that trading tools need to be selected by those that are closer to the interests of the trader. Empire Swiss broker does not infringe on the trader in trading instruments, and there are a lot of them, gives him great opportunities for trade. This is not always good! There are a lot of inexperienced beginners among customers who do not know how to correctly calculate the ratio of risk/income, and if they give such unlimited opportunities, they can make many mistakes (though they will be to blame, but it is better to protect them from such a temptation on the initial path and give such Opportunities over time). The broker Empire Swiss definitely needs to think about any basic course for novice traders, where they would talk about the main rules for working on the exchange, introduce the most frequent mistakes of newcomers and helped to avoid them. It is better to do all this at the very beginning.

user_avatarScott Ortiz 26.01.2023

One of the most reliable brokers who offers its traders a good selection of trading platforms. One of the key features of the Empire Swiss broker is multiple regulation. There are four organizations that control his activities, and this really deserves trust. Moreover, the commercial community is really loyal to this brokerage company, which means that there are many traders around the world who use its services and feel great. Moreover, I really appreciate the fact that I can choose a trading platform that I like best. The choice is really good, and I can choose a platform of several or their own. When I got used to MT4, I chose this platform for my trade and was very pleased. I did not have to spend time getting used to the new platform. In principle, I almost did not feel any difference in my trading process after the transition. The company tested time and reliable. I have been working with them for a long time, and I use several types of accounts here. All conditions are transparent.

user_avatarGreg Martinez 30.01.2023

When I first started selling Empire Swiss broker, I had confusion when choosing a trading platform. You see, then I was a newcomer. I opened a demo account in Empire Swiss, and I was offered a choice: MT4, MT5 or their platform. I absolutely did not understand what was happening. I thought there was only one and one trading program. As a result, I realized that this is a lot and that I need to choose. I agree that this is cool when there is a choice of 3 popular trading platforms of Forex, but I did not understand anything then. I chose another trading platform. As you already understood, this is not a very platform that came up to me. Now I have nothing to regret. It is sometimes difficult to trade, but the main thing is that there is an opportunity to make money! I joined the broker for the first time on the recommendation of the person I know. I used to be used to choosing brokers based on various reviews that I read on the Internet. This time I thought that it would be much better to follow the recommendations, and it worked. I advise you to pay attention to different recommendations of your friends.

user_avatarAlbert Green 31.01.2023

What I really like in the tools offered by specific brokers is educational content. In my opinion, traders really deserve rewarding with such tools, because it is quite convenient to have educational content and use it at any time. Empire Swiss Broker also offers educational content and helps traders gain experience, skills and knowledge twice as fast, because they can trade and watch or read something useful about trading activities. Of course, this can distract a little, however, if you approach this wisely, then save your time and earn money. I immediately began to visit the webinars conducted by real experts. I can say that this is a level and it is definitely worth it! He processed his trading strategy, in many ways, as it turned out, he was generally mistaken earlier. Educational content is one of the most important things, especially for beginners, since they should get some knowledge about trading. It is quite convenient when the Empire Swiss broker offers this opportunity.