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Empire Swiss scam or not? Answer - not

Empire Swiss - legal broker not a scam Dwain Ross ★★★★★

Company info

Empire Swiss was established in 2011 and has been active in Forex for over 10 years in different countries. The company regularly expands the list of markets and adapts its products to local conditions. Empire Swiss's trading license is valid and can be viewed on the company's website. Solid age in the active financial market undoubtedly adds points when evaluating a potential partner, but let's go deeper into the analysis and try to establish the whole truth about Empire Swiss.

Rules for good practice

The investment decisions that the company's employees make are governed by its operating rules. The main principle that permeates all instructions is to act strictly in the best interests of the client. This is a direct consequence of compliance with the terms of Empire Swiss's trading licence. If it is breached, the licence can be revoked very quickly, ruining years of business. This is serious proof of the fact that Empire Swiss legit in Forex. It is also important to note that the company operates openly under its own name in all markets in which it operates. Unlike scam artists who choose high-profile names that resonate with industry grandees, Empire Swiss does not engage in brand-skimming, but rather invests in its own name.

Quality control

Customer quality control is handled by a dedicated department and it is, without exaggeration, one of the key departments in the company. It employs more than 200 people who monitor and check all processes 24 hours, 7 days a week. It is here people who know the whole truth about Empire Swiss.

On their shoulders is not only control but also the development of rules for all other employees of the company, which no one can violate. Not even the top management.

It is also their responsibility to oversee the IT infrastructure. It is a sore point for small and start-up companies whose technical capabilities may not always satisfy their customer base, especially if it is starting to grow rapidly.

The quality control department also checks how payments are handled. If it is reported that Empire Swiss is not paying, the department instantly gets involved in checking and correcting it. After all, the correct operation of the payment system is an important reputational asset for the company.

The department works according to Kaizen rules – focusing on non-stop quality control and continuous improvement by all means. The experts in the department constantly conduct seminars for employees, developing their competencies. They also check and monitor the introduction of new Empire Swiss products so that they are not only effective and profitable, but also comply with financial legislation, as is a good broker.

It is the presence of such a large and well-developed department in the structure of the company that guarantees high quality service. And the department's staff can argue that Empire Swiss is not Forex broker scams.

Resolving a customer problem

Any reputable broker will deal responsibly with problems that arise with their clients. At Empire Swiss, a quality department is also responsible for this sector.

The department's staff are prepared to solve any most specific problems, approaching the needs of each of their clients individually. This is linked to the company's overall philosophy of continuous improvement. While solving individual problems, employees look for common ways to improve all processes.


Checking the broker leaves the most favourable impression. Empire Swiss has not been seen to be brand scamming. The company has been operating under its own brand for many years and does not mimic other financial market participants. There is no evidence of financial law violations.

Since Empire Swiss's inception in 2011, the company has been paying and there has been no case where it has been accused of doing otherwise with evidence.

Comments (13)
user_avatarClark Jack 3.11.2022

Familiar with Empire swiss for 5 years. He began to trade with them, even when the crisis was not in principle. I tried to work with others a couple of times, but there the attitude to the client leaves much to be desired. Very cool demo, you can try everything, fast processing. I am glad that it was with them that the trader began his career.

user_avatarSharp Wilfrid 5.11.2022

I do not regret at all that I started working with Empire swiss! Honest trade conditions, withdrawal of money per day, and there were no requests. Nice to work!

user_avatarNelson Peter 8.11.2022

And I recently opened an account in Empire swiss, of course it is easier to trade on a demo when you trade for real money-you immediately feel cold sweat in some places))) ... It turned out to be for a slope for 75 cu. That now pretty good money is in our time! Especially for the student! Like the company for the simplicity of work and convenience, the money is withdrawn quickly. A good opportunity to earn extra money, and the alternative to work is quite serious.

user_avatarMartin Mark 12.11.2022

I can’t say anything bad about Empire swiss the platform-convenient, understandable, training on the site-a bunch, processing on a demo account of course faster, but in real life everything is quickly enough. Those who want to start their forex activity-the company is perfect.

user_avatarFloyd Richard 16.11.2022

I like working with Empire swiss. I know them for a long time, almost the first Forex company in Ukraine, it can be so to say that they have gone from the kitchen to a serious organization. In general - the impression is very good, so far for me - exactly the broker that I can trust.

user_avatarBaldwin John 06.12.2022

The mobile platform here works very well and suits me, and if it slows down a little, then the problem is most often as the Internet on the device itself. And I attracted the initial conditions for opening an account by the broker Empire Swiss. I filled a small questionnaire on the site, and the score is ready. Initially, their own investments were not needed, because they gave a no deposit bonus. But then I still made replenishment for $ 200, so that there was something to walk on. I immediately opened the standard, not central, so the margin was still necessary to have in case of drawdowns. Now I’ve been selling for the eighth month, I am satisfied with everything. In general, the company is very diverse. I once tried to participate in them in the “Scalping” contest. I liked everything except my own result. But this prompted me to engage in the theory of trading and order a couple of training books from the Empire Swiss website. I’m sitting now studying, I decided to pay attention to the knowledge before starting to take a lot of risk and investing decent money and spend time on trifles. In general, I am satisfied in one word.

user_avatarHubbard Morgan 14.12.2022

What I want to say about Empire Swiss: Forex Broker is solid, the responsive people work here, any, even a slight question will not be left without attention. Everything is included here, as they say. As soon as you become a client of the company, you can count on everything that this broker can give (all the necessary information is on the site, with a detailed description and all possible capabilities). To beginners will help, those who have some experience will support, any interested question can be asked in a technical underput and can be clarified in the chat. The conditions for people are made. Trading and earning is a reality. In general, the company is good. Previously, I did not trust the reviews at all, and began to trade, having studied only the broker’s website and the conditions. And in vain, as it turns out. Often came to scammers. I was advised to try to open an account in Empire Swiss at one of the trader forums. I decided to try it all the same and opened an account here. For 3 months I doubled the depot, brought how much I wanted without problems. I was very pleased with the broker, I did not notice the deception. Finally I found what I was looking for!

user_avatarShepherd Peter 19.12.2022

Advertising Forex broker Empire Swiss on the Internet beckons with its luxury. All these cars, resorts, these happy people, good life and full prosperity! It seemed so far when I came to a newcomer. I will say right away: it was not as easy to earn on Forex as I thought, but ... the main thing is a desire and a good broker! I can say to beginners that not all this is just as advertising portrays, but if you want it, then it will be! Empire Swiss is my main broker with which I worked and earned. Believe me, they provide conditions that you cannot find anywhere, service at the same level. Thanks to this company, I am on the way to my dream! I use all the tools to make it more convenient to make the necessary selection and work more comfortably and not be distracted by different technical moments, but to do your job and earn money. By the way, I recently downloaded a mobile application for myself, I can say that it is very convenient and makes life easier. I am engaged in the settings of the application for myself and I will fully use it.

user_avatarGardner Mark 25.12.2022

Not so long ago, I opted for Empire Swiss. Probably, as many have tried many brokers and there is their impression, especially what the previous ones did not really like and why had to look for a new broker. It seems to me it is easier to compare with investments in securities - there is no transfer of ownership of the asset, there is no need to formalize property rights, and there are also no additional expenses. In addition, with contracts for the difference, always profit when falling and increasing prices for assets. There is no need for a large starting capital. In general, I like such trade, very convenient. In Empire Swiss, I registered and settled about a year ago, since the broker has a large selection of contracts and the assortment is interesting, there is something to experiment with and what to choose from. I love when there is a choice, and not when they put you in the framework, insist and say what and how you need to do. From the broker, I need reciprocity and fast reception and feedback. In general, I really like it here. I advise.

user_avatarJeffrey Nelson 09.01.2023

I like the broker Empire Swiss platform. Trade is carried out directly from the browser. I know that many people prefer autonomous platforms. But it’s easier for me to work in a browser, because I always have several tabs at once: current news, several schedules and separate graphs for technical analysis, which I do in my free minutes. There are many timeframes, starting from a minute period. In addition, on this platform you can use indicators and oscillators. I use strategies with clear input signals, so it is important to me. The platform works quickly, my orders open and close in every time. I am very pleased with the speed. This Forex-Broker is now very popular. Not surprising. Firstly, he has been working for a long time and there are many good reviews on the Internet. Secondly, a large number of trade assets/sets and trading floors. For example, there is a choice of platforms. Also a good advantage is that algorithmic trade is possible here. Empire Swiss is an adjustable and honest broker. I myself was convinced of this!

user_avatarZachary Freeman 11.01.2023

With the right approach, you can make good money and, most importantly, no one will block or cancel your transactions. Everything that you earn, trading, belongs to you. Once with an adviser, I collected such a superprofit in a month (sorry later it merged in the end after a while), but this is not the main thing. I put it on the conclusion and thought it was not returned, other brokers had this. Of course, they checked for a long time, although it is written that the money should be on the card after 3 days, but this time they checked about one weeks and all transactions passed one after another! I received my money and realized that it is better to work with the proven, such as Empire Swiss than to pray so that your profit is bred in another office. I am glad that I chose the broker Empire Swiss. There are many pluses, and it is especially great that there is a modern trading platform. Now this is not everywhere and I decided to try. In my opinion this is a miracle! I like that this broker has good training materials, and you can learn to trade. Everything is clear here and does not need to be educated at the university. There is also a huge selection of trading tools, including many currency vapors, shares and gold and oil indices. Everyone can find something for themselves.

user_avatarRichard Olson 13.01.2023

If you evaluate the broker, I put them 9 out of 10. I am very pleased! I never regretted that I decided to trade with them. Empire Swiss support service is the best of those with whom I have ever worked! The managers are very professional and I like their approach to customers. A lot of trading instruments, quick conclusion and no problems with execution. Well, the minimum deposit starts at $ 100. Of course, this is suitable only for beginners and people who pre -test the platform before full work. It is difficult to say how much the trader needs in the account to open all interesting positions. For short transactions, this amount may be less. On the other hand, for long positions over time, traders come to the conclusion that you can usually earn in long positions, only investing well in them. It all depends on your capabilities. That is why Empire Swiss requires such a low minimum deposit. I believe that this is the right policy. So any trader can start gradually without serious risk for his wallet. As soon as you get comfortable and find your strategies, you can increase the volume of trade.

user_avatarJames Williamson 13.01.2023

Forex Broker Empire Swiss offers a credit shoulder to all traders, regardless of the type of account, with a maximum credit shoulder 1: 500, which is a very good indicator. All traders receive the credit shoulder, regardless of what asset they trade, and the credit shoulder does not depend on the size of your lot. If you want to know the exact amount of the credit shoulder for a specific asset, you can visit the broker website and find out the preliminary list of all assets and an affordable leverage. This will allow you to know in advance the result you can get. I want to add that the company supports the honesty and transparency of trading, and makes efforts to avoid possible conflicts between the trader and the broker. I also note the professionalism of Empire Swiss employees, because real experts in market analysts and normal technical support employees who can help you in any matter, no matter what you need. This is a real service that deserves attention. And this is valuable for customers.