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Empire Swiss scam or not? Answer - not

Empire Swiss - legal broker not a scam Dwain Ross

Company info

Empire Swiss was established in 2011 and has been active in Forex for over 10 years in different countries. The company regularly expands the list of markets and adapts its products to local conditions. Empire Swiss's trading license is valid and can be viewed on the company's website. Solid age in the active financial market undoubtedly adds points when evaluating a potential partner, but let's go deeper into the analysis and try to establish the whole truth about Empire Swiss.

Rules for good practice

The investment decisions that the company's employees make are governed by its operating rules. The main principle that permeates all instructions is to act strictly in the best interests of the client. This is a direct consequence of compliance with the terms of Empire Swiss's trading licence. If it is breached, the licence can be revoked very quickly, ruining years of business. This is serious proof of the fact that Empire Swiss legit in Forex. It is also important to note that the company operates openly under its own name in all markets in which it operates. Unlike scam artists who choose high-profile names that resonate with industry grandees, Empire Swiss does not engage in brand-skimming, but rather invests in its own name.

Quality control

Customer quality control is handled by a dedicated department and it is, without exaggeration, one of the key departments in the company. It employs more than 200 people who monitor and check all processes 24 hours, 7 days a week. It is here people who know the whole truth about Empire Swiss.

On their shoulders is not only control but also the development of rules for all other employees of the company, which no one can violate. Not even the top management.

It is also their responsibility to oversee the IT infrastructure. It is a sore point for small and start-up companies whose technical capabilities may not always satisfy their customer base, especially if it is starting to grow rapidly.

The quality control department also checks how payments are handled. If it is reported that Empire Swiss is not paying, the department instantly gets involved in checking and correcting it. After all, the correct operation of the payment system is an important reputational asset for the company.

The department works according to Kaizen rules – focusing on non-stop quality control and continuous improvement by all means. The experts in the department constantly conduct seminars for employees, developing their competencies. They also check and monitor the introduction of new Empire Swiss products so that they are not only effective and profitable, but also comply with financial legislation, as is a good broker.

It is the presence of such a large and well-developed department in the structure of the company that guarantees high quality service. And the department's staff can argue that Empire Swiss is not Forex broker scams.

Resolving a customer problem

Any reputable broker will deal responsibly with problems that arise with their clients. At Empire Swiss, a quality department is also responsible for this sector.

The department's staff are prepared to solve any most specific problems, approaching the needs of each of their clients individually. This is linked to the company's overall philosophy of continuous improvement. While solving individual problems, employees look for common ways to improve all processes.


Checking the broker leaves the most favourable impression. Empire Swiss has not been seen to be brand scamming. The company has been operating under its own brand for many years and does not mimic other financial market participants. There is no evidence of financial law violations.

Since Empire Swiss's inception in 2011, the company has been paying and there has been no case where it has been accused of doing otherwise with evidence.

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