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MSP Limited scam protection team warned of possible problems with money withdrawal.


Forex broker MSP Limited

Often, novice traders have doubts about the company’s honesty when they have problems with the withdrawal of funds, and this is the last stage of cooperation with the company. Therefore, it is essential to recognize a scam before you start having problems withdrawing funds. What should be a decent broker, and how to identify fraud? MSP Limited, a broker from Switzerland, shared the secrets of safe Forex trading.
The broker is registered in Zurich; the address of the main office and other contact details can be found on broker as an example of a long-term positive experience

Brokers enable their clients to access the Forex market. To do this, the client places his order on the platform of the intermediary company.

What do you need to start trading?

The client needs to have a certain amount of money on the account, which he can use in trading. A broker opens such an account at the beginning of cooperation. The details for replenishing the deposit are provided to clients by the account manager; the brokerage company, in turn, provides guarantees for the safety of funds, security policy in MSP Limited.

How can a trader open an account?

Start by registering on

Wait for a call from an account manager or contact the company using the provided contact information.

Proceed to the choice of portfolios in the "Account types" section. There you will see the minimum deposits for each of the accounts:

Top up the company’s account that corresponds to the suitable account plan you have chosen for yourself.

How do replenish the deposit?

There are several options for depositing and withdrawing funds:

Replenishment of funds through the bank. You make an account replenishment through the bank's cash desk or other usual methods. Such replenishment can take up to several days (3-5), so it will not be possible to instantly transfer the replenishment of the account with the broker in this way.
For a quick deposit, use your bank card. Withdrawals are made to the same card you used to replenish your account.

When to Suspect a Scam: MSP Limited scam check tips

If you have questions or difficulties with the deposit of funds or access to your account right after the registration, this is a sign – a regular broker that cares about its reputation will never allow any technical issue to ruin your start. The main characters of a lousy company:

For example, the scam department prevents any possible issues for the whole period of the company’s activity, and the broker has operated transparently in Forex for more than ten years. The site contains information about contacts, registration, and the principal office of the brokerage company.
All documentation of the broker is in the public domain on the company's (here is the security and privacy policy, portfolios, address data, cooperation with anti-fraud European programs).


Be sure to study the broker’s history so as not to fall for scams. Do not trust promotional offers with too favorable conditions for earning.

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user_avatarChandler Roger 06.04.2022

Msp limited I was pleased with fast verification, in one day I received the highest level. The conditions are adequate, the average profit is 5-7% per month. I recently downloaded their application to the tablet, it is really convenient, if the Internet is fast, then you can trade anywhere, absolutely not tied to a stationary computer. I take it regularly to kiwi, comes stably on the same day.

user_avatarHill Paul 09.04.2022

Great fraud + low deposit + good margin - fairy tale. I started not here, but quickly found Msp limited and switched. For a year, I only rushed about everything, the bonuses in this is a great help. Then he chose the optimal for himself and began to work to work. Perhaps classic couples, well, the main metals can - for me the most profitable option. For exotic, I will only go to the news specific. I keep a lot of accounts, all are different. Fortunately, the multitremal was introduced!

user_avatarWilson Daniel 10.04.2022

Really fast verification. He sent the docks on Tuesday, on Thursday he had already received the highest level. I immediately requested a no deposit, and completely played out for three months. In trade, I am satisfied with adequate quotes and execution. There were no problems at the conclusion with the bonus, received his profit $ 84 during the day on a kiwi-wallet.

user_avatarDaniels Garry 24.04.2022

He register an account, choosing a payment to the support service - the same attention, I chewed some of the offices related to replenishment and withdrawal, verification, and T. I will say that such a reaction to customers is simply phenomenal since 2007. Of course, there are imperfect moments and in execution, sometimes requests, sometimes the invoice enters the security department, as they say. But this is all commented within the contract.

user_avatarBlankenship Jordan 26.04.2022

A competent company with a clear system of bonuses, with a good gradation of accounts and with a minimum, which allows you to try yourself and all of the listed without loss, well, the stump and the terminal of course are clear. What surprised me, that there are no obsessive allegedly personal managers who pull the grandmas from you and stick strategies. Here is democracy)))) I will note the active communication of representatives on all fronts: social networks, ratings, forums and all sorts of skype. Extremely convenient and around the clock.