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Why is it profitable to work with LST-IC? Forex broker review

LST-IC Forex broker review Dwain Ross

As Forex does not have an official website, you have to trade through an intermediary. LST-IC can help with that. LST-IC review 2022 will tell you about the broker's activities and features.

Introducing with LST-IC

LST-IC positions itself as a reliable service provider. The company's main office is in London. It has been working on the Forex market since 2020. The annual turnover is about $ 25 billion. It is very popular with customers, which confirms the number of open accounts and reviews.

The best forex brokers for low cost trading offer profitable terms and LST-IC is no exception. The company works openly and there are no hidden payments or commissions. There is a mobile version of the site and an app. Access to the deposit is 24/7. Registration is clear. There is a demo account for traders. It is absolutely free. Suitable for practicing certain strategies and skills. The company consultants on taxation, inform about risks and participates in drawing up a financial portfolio.

The toolkit is quite large. There are statistics, LST-IC investment reviews, calculators, charts. Each player has access to training and reviews about LST-IC.


The service has been operating since 2018. It all started with a small office and several currency pairs. At the same time, 01.28.2020 is considered the official founding date of LST-IC.

LST-IC and its offers

LST-IC brokertakes care of its customers. There is a system of incentives and bonuses. Traders can expect to be compensated if the bank where client funds are held goes out of business. There is a special account for training. All registered users have access to it. It is valid for one month.

LST-IC is the best forex broker for beginners because new players can take courses on the basics of trading. There is also another training for more advanced players. There are enough articles about Forex in the blog.

The broker assigns a small reward. Determined by the tariff. The size of the minimum deposit on LST-IC also depends on this criterion. There is a prompt support service.


The company has a quite user-friendly website and a mobile version. It is functional and not overloaded with details. The design is stylish but fairly concise. All the active buttons stand out. Here you can study charts, and reviews, and go through training. All videos, webinars, articles, and reviews about LST-IC are free.

A trader can practice on a demo account using the broker's financial instruments. The company's employees also regularly replenish their knowledge. They participate in various trainings and seminars, improving their qualifications. The following terminals are available for download on the website:

They have the necessary indicators for trading.

Support Service

LST-IC has one of the best support services. It works quickly. It is available in several languages. With the help of support, you can sort out some issues and even make important decisions, minimizing possible risks. Help can be requested through chat on the website, email, phone, and even social networks. The service is available 24 hours a day. It usually responds within half an hour. 

Broker registration

The headquarter of the company is in England. The registration was also carried out there. Regarded as one of the largest. More than 1000 clients. Activities are regulated by FCA and also by the Estonian Supervisory Board EFSA. Client money in other, separate accounts. LST-IC is also authorized by the Australian Financial Supervisory Authority and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Is it possible to trade on Forex?

LST-IC brokerhas everything you need to work on the stock exchange. It offers small commissions and a wide variety of tools. There is a free training and many other benefits. Here's what else you can count on:

LST-IC trading permissionsare divided into asset classes and countries.


LST-IC exchangeworks without breaks and weekends. Tariffs to choose from. There are promotions, bonuses, and a compensation system. The size of the deposit depends on the type of account. Clients are provided with free access to educational materials. The legality of the activity is confirmed by licenses and permits.


-          Question: What is the minimum deposit amount?

-          Answer: The minimum deposit amount is $10.

-          Question: What types of orders does LST-IC provide?

-          Answer: The company provides the following list of permits: market, limit, stop limit order and stop market orders: stop loss and take profit.

Comments (18)
user_avatarMenning Elvin 05.12.2022

I liked the lessons, but I wanted more information about the case. I have never read such programs before. But it was enough for me to work on my strategies. I think if Lst-Ic was a swindler, I would have written more negative reviews.

user_avatarPirs Brays 06.12.2022

It's a good option for both new and experienced players. I don't know what to do with them, I don't know what to do with them. I especially liked the analytics and statistics section.

user_avatarMakdeniel Uilyam 07.12.2022

There is a calendar of economic events Forex, which can already be considered a good plus. It is possible to use ATS and not to stick to the monitor. In my opinion, Lst-Ic is not a scam, that is why I trade.

user_avatarPerish Brett 08.12.2022

I have never received any dubious offers from the representatives of the company. They helped me in preparing a portfolio and consulted me on taxation. The payout has not come yet, but the request is processed. I think if Lst-Ic had been a fraud, it would not have gone further than depositing to the account.

user_avatarBisli Uolter 09.12.2022

I think that if Lst-Ic was a scammer, I would not have deposited the funds on my account at all.

user_avatarLeonard Rendell 10.12.2022

My main advantage is that they are very fast and easy to use when I want to withdraw my funds. They are very fast and they do not take long to get my money. I am very happy with this approach. If there are disadvantages, they do not bother me. They do not disturb me in any way. I have been with Lst-Ic for the third year.

user_avatarStouks Piter 11.12.2022

Bidding is not unprofitable, the conditions are human, there is a professional support. I have never been on this kind of brokerage firm before and I'm not sure that it is suitable for beginners and experienced players alike.

user_avatarCheyz Alfred 12.12.2022

I have seen some slippage in the news, but not critical. The broker has European licenses and regulations, confirming that it is not a scammer who wants to bankrupt. I know the company since 2017 and Lst-Ic has not let me down.

user_avatarNyumen Maykl 13.12.2022

Trading can also be done from the app, which is insanely convenient. It's not as functional, but the longs and shorts close. If there are some small bugs, they do not affect the trades.

user_avatarHolms Grant 17.12.2022

I have withdrawn more than $800 in total since the end of August. I haven't blocked my accounts or any profit, although I requested smaller amounts. Believe me, the Lst-Ic platform is not a scammer, so feel free to register.

user_avatarArmstrong E­ron 18.12.2022

I gave automatic commands and did not bother. I have made a small income without much effort. Depo is normal, there is protection against negative balance.

user_avatarGreen Brendan 05.01.2023

Plus LST Inc That The Company does not IMPOSE Its Services ForCounds. It is Very Nice. BecAuse I Opened An Account He in One Office, So They Tortew Mee with Constant Newsletters and Calls that I Would Quickly Replenish. And when the are not trying toprick you, it Inspires Confidence.

user_avatarMorton Amos 16.01.2023

Good Conditions for Traders, But How Else, If IC Has Been Actively Working On the Market for 15 Years. All Transactions are Executed in the Market, The Quotes Are Not Left, Checked - Everyything Is Clear. Spreads Do not Eat a Deposit Much, But on the USN They Generally Go from Zero. In Addition, You Can Connect a Cashback and Return Part of the Spreads. IF YOU Actively Trade, The Good Return Can Be. And for Those Who Want to have A List of Bonuses. SOME ARE QUITE Interesting, Even For Experienced Threads.

user_avatarDawson Paul 28.01.2023

I Prefer A Little Tradition Tools. Because Trading in a Large Number of Currency Tools, it is not PAY DEA DUE ATTENTION and CONDUCT ACHALITATIENSIS OF EACHENDILAL SHEEDULA OF FOREIGN CUREIN CUREINTY CUREIGN CUREINTY TOOLS. Now Ff Has Become Interest in Krypt. The Conditions Are Seductive, Plus a Lot of Webinars on this Topic - I Will Try.

user_avatarWood Joshua 28.01.2023

But I Want to Say About the Bonus. The LST Inc HAS A Whole System of Bonuses, and there Are Interesting Positions for Both Beginners and Experienced Tradeers. For a long time, for example, I Take a bonus to replenish. And They Also Have A Wide Selection of Tools, out of the Way You Canhese What is More Sitable for Real Earnings. Now I’m Selling Oil and I Try The Crypt.