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Key tips on avoiding scams by LST-IC

LST-IC recognize scammers Dwain Ross

Nobody can say how much Forex market fraudsters earn. It definitely should be a sum with many zeros due to the size of the market and their quantity. There is a good news though – no matter how many scammers are around, you still can avoid their tricks and traps following the simple but effective set of rules we prepared jointly with Forex broker LST-IC.

The most obvious and general advice is to educate yourself. It does not really matter what tactics or tricks fraudsters use, they are mostly targeting unexperienced traders, that’s a fact. Well, it is easy to give the general direction… But what are the fields of this education and is there something specific to start with? Let’s find out what professionals think about it and what their advices are.

Legit trader never promises easy and fast profits, that is probably the first thing to pay attention to, says Jack Finley, LST-IC financial consultant. “Browse through our company website and its content, for example. Unlike scammers, LST-IC doesn’t propose quick or guaranteed profits, generous gifts or incredible bonuses for signing in or anything of this kind. There is no such thing as guaranteed profits on Forex, so if somebody “guarantees” your profits from trading, they are likely scammers. On the other hand, LST-IC doesn’t appear in scam lists, unlike those companies which promise too much”, he adds.

Another milestone of our joint scam review with LST-IC is the importance of the information. “People should be more attentive to details. If there is something to sign and approve – don’t scroll it down without reading, take your time. And if something is not clear – ask a question, and ask again, if you still don’t get it. And it is much better to get the answers in written form”, Jack Finley explains.

«At LST-IC we believe the legit broker has no annoying clients. The more questions people ask beforehand, the easier it will be to work with them in future, that’s the difference between LST-IC and scammers”, he says. “Just ask until everything becomes clear. Our quality control department follows these things – there are different situations, of course, between clients and support, but their position is very clear. LST-IC is working as legit broker, therefore we should find an answer for any question”, Jack Finley emphasizes.

There is another useful tip – stay focused even after onboarding and start of trading. There are cases when everything goes as it should, and then something changes, LST-IC key fraud expert says. For example, one day your broker offers you a unique “risk-free” investment opportunity, deal of your life, or it may be some significant bonus or reward just after you deposit $500 or $1000 more. “I’ve seen some cases like these in LST-IC recent scam review. Just remember, that there is nothing risk-free in trading, and everything is going to be OK. And another thing to remember that unlike fraudsters LST-IC or any other legit broker never asks you to deposit more money to your account. It is up to you to decide how much money do you need for trading”, Jack Finley adds.

It happens that the company, which may have even started as legit broker, uses another fraud technique, building up Ponzi scheme or pyramid, which demands a separate explanation, according to Jack Finley. There can be different models used, but there is very simple trick to avoid being scammed this way, he says. “Just follow the golden rule – you are here for trading, and any other profits, like payments for membership or for attracting new traders shouldn’t exceed profits from trading itself”, LST-IC fraud pundit explains.

And there is also a thing which may sound controversial in XXI century, but still works in cases with Forex frauds.  “I’ve mentioned LST-IC scam review previously – according to it, a great deal of successful scam attempts involved payments in crypto. I am not trying to say that support of payments in crypto is the trademark of a fraudster; LST-IC supports them, too. But these are facts – you can’t be completely sure where exactly you have transferred your funds when paying in crypto. And another thing is that literally anybody can have a crypto wallet, specify its address as the address of some brokerage and start receiving payments. Getting the status of SWIFT affiliated partner, for example, is far not that quick and easy process”, Jack Finley says.

“So even if you are a crypto prophet, consider using traditional methods of payments. Yes, crypto is really fast, it is much faster than bank transfer. But there is another thing about crypto transactions – they are quite difficult to track down and almost impossible to roll back”, Jack Finley says.

Comments (14)
user_avatarMenning Elvin 05.12.2022

I liked the lessons, but I wanted more information about the case. I have never read such programs before. But it was enough for me to work on my strategies. I think if Lst-Ic was a swindler, I would have written more negative reviews.

user_avatarPirs Brays 06.12.2022

It's a good option for both new and experienced players. I don't know what to do with them, I don't know what to do with them. I especially liked the analytics and statistics section.

user_avatarMakdeniel Uilyam 07.12.2022

There is a calendar of economic events Forex, which can already be considered a good plus. It is possible to use ATS and not to stick to the monitor. In my opinion, Lst-Ic is not a scam, that is why I trade.

user_avatarPerish Brett 08.12.2022

I have never received any dubious offers from the representatives of the company. They helped me in preparing a portfolio and consulted me on taxation. The payout has not come yet, but the request is processed. I think if Lst-Ic had been a fraud, it would not have gone further than depositing to the account.

user_avatarBisli Uolter 09.12.2022

I think that if Lst-Ic was a scammer, I would not have deposited the funds on my account at all.

user_avatarLeonard Rendell 10.12.2022

My main advantage is that they are very fast and easy to use when I want to withdraw my funds. They are very fast and they do not take long to get my money. I am very happy with this approach. If there are disadvantages, they do not bother me. They do not disturb me in any way. I have been with Lst-Ic for the third year.

user_avatarStouks Piter 11.12.2022

Bidding is not unprofitable, the conditions are human, there is a professional support. I have never been on this kind of brokerage firm before and I'm not sure that it is suitable for beginners and experienced players alike.

user_avatarCheyz Alfred 12.12.2022

I have seen some slippage in the news, but not critical. The broker has European licenses and regulations, confirming that it is not a scammer who wants to bankrupt. I know the company since 2017 and Lst-Ic has not let me down.

user_avatarNyumen Maykl 13.12.2022

Trading can also be done from the app, which is insanely convenient. It's not as functional, but the longs and shorts close. If there are some small bugs, they do not affect the trades.

user_avatarHolms Grant 17.12.2022

I have withdrawn more than $800 in total since the end of August. I haven't blocked my accounts or any profit, although I requested smaller amounts. Believe me, the Lst-Ic platform is not a scammer, so feel free to register.

user_avatarArmstrong E­ron 18.12.2022

I gave automatic commands and did not bother. I have made a small income without much effort. Depo is normal, there is protection against negative balance.

user_avatarBond Scott 14.01.2023

LST Inc Broker, With IT is Simple and Convenent to work. Starting from the Fact that there has no deposit recistric, you canists at Least 10 Bucks, ending with the fact that input and jourwal is Very Convent, a LOT OFA PAYME

user_avatarNewman Kenneth 20.01.2023

I'M with LST Inc Recently. He Crossed from a Broker Who Deceded that He Cold Throw Me. When I Wanted to Remove My Profit, SOME “Universal” Problems Began. In General, I Barely Beat Off His Money. TheFore, of Course, I Was Intersted in, First of All, A Conclesion. I tried to withdraw the little things - everything was very fast, and when I waited for more payments, I was worried, and suddenly there would be “problems and difficulties”, but cheerful, the money came strictly according to the regulations. So While We Trade and Withdraw!

user_avatarWilcox Edward 26.01.2023

I Started with An Affiliate Program at LST Inc. SOMEHOW IT SEEMED EASIRIER AND MORE Understandable to Me and The Experience Similar Was Alread. A Penny Fell on the Expense, But the I Began To Watch Their Webinars, Read Forex Literature and Once Deceded to Trade MySelf. As it Turned Out, this is Very Interesting and Profit, of Course, More than Affiliate Program Can Be Done.