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Forex trading with Pediainvest Forex: How to open a Forex account and frequently asked questions

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5-6 years ago, registration with brokerage companies took a maximum of 2 minutes. It was enough to enter an email address, come up with a password, login and confirm the user agreement. Now the opening of an account on Forex is done through verification. A similar norm is spelled out in the legislation of many countries.

Verification is a procedure that identifies a citizen by providing scanned copies of personal documents indicating the name, date of birth, place of residence. The need to pass identification was introduced at the legislative level in order to prevent fraudulent activities related to money laundering and their illegal movement. Let's figure it out with the experts at

Pediainvest broker: Opening a Forex account is carried out through your personal account

By entering your basic information, you will be taken to your profile page. For most brokers, it is through their personal account on Forex that the following functions open up:

Please note that a user of the same broker may have multiple active accounts. For example, one is virtual (demo), and the second is real in one or another currency.

Documents that you may need for verification when opening a Pediainvest Forex broker account:

Pediainvest Forex: Are there any restrictions on opening an account in Forex?

In addition to the age limit (18+), there are a number of conditions that must be taken into account if you need to open an account on Forex. Firstly, for example from Europe, for example Pediainvest Forex does not serve the citizens of the United States of America. This rule is spelled out in US law. Therefore, the user must indicate the real place of residence.

Second, the data must be real. If you send an unclear photo or an edited photo for verification, then there is a high probability of refusal to register. Therefore, you should use this information and documents if you intend to become a client of Pediainvest broker.

There are no other restrictions.

Pediainvest Forex Broker: Frequently Asked Questions

Before opening an account in Forex, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most popular questions on this topic:

Is it paid to open an account with a Pediainvest broker?

No! You can open a deposit and engage in stock trading absolutely free, regardless of the broker.

What is the minimum opening amount?

Depends on the trading conditions of the Forex broker. Somewhere deposits are opened in the amount of $ 1 (in cents), and somewhere a minimum of $ 100 is required. But the optimal amount to start trading is $ 100- $ 500.

Personal data during registration be transferred to third parties or used in fraudulent activities?

No, the data entered is not passed on to third parties. They are not used to conclude any contracts. Therefore, when registering and opening an account with Pediainvest Forex broker, you do not assume any financial obligations.

Where to open a Forex account to trade safely?

Pediainvest Forex reminds: choose a brokerage company based on reviews, the duration of the broker's work in the market, trading conditions and individual factors.

Can I open a account right from home?

Yes, the registration procedure takes on average 2 to 5 minutes, additional time will be required to check your documents during verification. But all procedures take place remotely.

How to close an account with a broker so that I will not be bothered anymore?

If your account is empty and you no longer plan to cooperate with Pediainvest Forex broker, submit an application for closing through the manager or in your personal account, in the settings section.

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user_avatarPope Albert 31.01.2022

No problems, broker works quickly. Conclusion within 1 day. While he does not deceive, best for scalping, MT4 high speed (with VPS).

user_avatarSanders Gervase 07.02.2022

I use MT4, fast and reliable platform. Trade conditions are simple, in short, you can describe it as "without restrictions." At least so it is written. When you see such words, you expect permitted graphs, but I have not seen anything like this for 4 months. I can change orders as I want to install ST and TP. That's right and, again, very quickly. The platform works for me 24 hours a day. Everything is fine

user_avatarCox Charles 10.02.2022

I recommend this broker for trading, good

user_avatarWilson Peter 23.02.2022

One of the best brokers I have seen from the point of view of its services. I am trading only by currency pairs and often get some profit. News scolping is also possible, because during news releases, minimal slippages occur. Until now, I managed to install proifes and stop loses very close to the exploration points, there were no restrictions on how to do it.