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Profit Vision - not a scam. Fraud and its signs

Profit Vision is not a scam. How to recognize fraud? Dwain Ross

The current year has turned out to be a financial loss for many, and a complete financial crisis for some. In such conditions, the search for new opportunities for earning begins. Someone applies for freelancing and masters Internet professions, while someone remembers Forex.

Let's talk about fraudulent brokers and what to do if the money from the trading account suddenly evaporated somewhere. Yesterday, the account was pleasantly pleased with a tidy sum, and today the number 0 is sadly glowing.

The content of the article: Profits Vision scam

Profits Vision scam Protection Service talks about the most common Forex fraud methods.

Profits Vision scam Protection Service warned of possible problems with the financial operations of money.

What “straw” you need to remember when starting Forex trading with a broker?

What should you pay attention to before entering a bank card number on the broker's website with the anticipation of making a profit? Below are some basic safety precautions.

1. Check the broker company

It is worth spending a little time to study the “inside and out” of the broker:

2. Thoroughly read the terms

We recommend focusing on three points:

  1. What payment systems are supported on the broker’s website – if there is no option to transfer funds from a bank card to a trading account, it’s not worth starting trading, since it is possible to return money from a broker under the chargeback procedure only when it was received from a bank card
  2. What conditions for replenishing a trader's account and withdrawing funds does the broker offer, how much is the commission - it happens that the broker works without deceit, but on draconian terms for the trader
  3. Where the money is sent to replenish the trading account - if these are the details of a private person, not immediately.

And here are the nuances that are important already in the process of trading, which you need to know about:

Submit an application for withdrawal when all transactions are closed, and refuse to open new positions until the declared amount is credited from the trading account to the declared bank card.

Profit Visions legit broker shared the secrets of safe trading in the Forex market

A feature of brokers registered in Europe is the verification requirement. If the registration procedure involves verification, Profits Vision is not a scammer and explains the details in front of you.

Profits Vision scam Protection Service as an example of many years of positive experience.

Brokers provide their clients with access to the Forex market. To do this, the client places his order on the platform of the intermediary company.

Profits Vision scam alert review: What do you need to start trading?

Start by registering on Profit Visions legit broker:

Wait for a call from the account manager or contact the company using the contact details provided.

Proceed to the selection of portfolios in the "Account Types" section. There you will see the minimum deposits for each of the accounts.

Top up the account of the company that corresponds to the appropriate tariff that you have chosen for yourself.

Profits Vision scam alert review: How to replenish the deposit?

There are several options for depositing and withdrawing funds:

Replenishment of funds through the bank. You replenish your account through the bank's cash desk or in other usual ways. Such replenishment can take up to several days (3-5), so it will not be possible to instantly transfer the replenishment of the account with the broker in this way.

For a quick deposit, use your bank card or credit funds from the broker's fund.

Withdrawal of funds is carried out to the same card that you used to replenish your account.

Profits Vision scam alert review: Tips for Checking Scam

If you have questions or difficulties with the withdrawal of funds, this is definitely a sign of dishonesty of the broker. The main signs of an unscrupulous company:

All documentation of the Profit Visions legit broker is in the public domain on the website of the company (here is the security and privacy policy, portfolio, address data, cooperation with anti-fraud European programs).

Profit Visions legit broker scam protection team: How brokers most often cheat

Profit Visions legit broker: Refusal to withdraw funds

Moreover, the application for withdrawal is approved, it is placed in a general queue and can even be attributed to completed. However, the money will not be credited to the trader's card. "Accidentally" get lost in the process of transfer somewhere gone, and it's not the broker's fault! In reality, everything was predetermined, and the money from the trader's account went offshore or to a left account.

Profits Vision fraud alert: Complete zeroing of the account in the absence of open transactions or refusal to withdraw

Fraud "on the forehead", without explanations and hopes. The account suddenly resets to zero, often when the trade is not even trading. There was money in the account and suddenly they were gone. Another variant of pure deception is a refusal without explanation.

Profits Vision fraud alert: Failed to pass verification

Many brokers cannot withdraw funds without verification. Only here sometimes it is not possible to verify, because more and more new documents are requested from the broker. In fact, no one planned to return the money, and even more so to give more if the trader made a profit.

Profits Vision fraud alert: Brokerage bonus

When replenishing the account, the trader is offered a "tasty" bonus for example, doubling the amount on the account. And then it turns out that the bonus is subject to mandatory working out, which requires large volumes of transactions, or, if it is worked out, it is impossible to prove the fact of working out.

Profits Vision fraud alert: Payment of a substantial amount

Even brokers with a decent reputation are capable of this. It can be much easier to deceive a particular trader than to give him a serious profit.

Profit Visions, legit broker: Excess withdrawal amount

Money can be withdrawn, but the withdrawal limit is limited by the amount that was transferred by the trader to the brokerage trading account.

Profits Vision scam alert review: Promotion and drain

The classic scheme of fraud a person is given a taste of winning, thereby emotionally untwisting for a significant replenishment of the account and trading in a big way. As a result, the account is blocked, or there is a sharp drop in the trader's quotes and a drain on funds.


Be sure to study the history of the broker so as not to fall for a scam. Profit Visions warns: do not trust promotional offers with too favorable earning conditions.

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user_avatarHamilton Jacob 04.09.2022

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Making money with Profit visions is simple, in any case you can call a line or contact in support.

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I plan to connect my further investment activities with Profit visions, I tried with several companies - I got burned, and with Profit visions a normal flight for a year now.

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Profit visions- One of the best brokers. C Profit visions Together since 2011. This is one of the organizations that can be entrusted with your money. Honest and clear.

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I buy through Profit visions. These are the most reliable investments in my personal opinion. To do this, the brokerage account opened and also went out of training directly on their website. I don’t spend the operations with other papers yet, but it’s already mentally ready for this.

user_avatarEdward Matthews 08.10.2022

Previously, I thought that a lot of money needed a lot of money for trading on the exchange, I didn’t even try to do it with a poet. It turned out that everything is much simpler - at least with Profit visions it is definitely easier.

user_avatarPaul Reed 15.10.2022

Making money with Profit visions is simple, in any case you can call a line or contact in support.

user_avatarDerek Marsh 23.10.2022

I plan to connect my further investment activities with Profit visions, I tried with several companies - I got burned, and with Profit visions a normal flight for a year now.

user_avatarLeonard Martinez 04.11.2022

Profits vision Provides excellent service of its customers: exceptional knowledge of the product; rectilinear tips; detailed investment strategy; And constant monitoring of customer annuities. I completely trust them.

user_avatarJohns Edward 06.11.2022

I am very pleased with my experience with Profits vision over the past two years, and I strongly recommend Profits vision to everyone who wants to use what Profits vision can offer futures in trade. Liila sincerely takes care of helping traders like me to succeed in the long run. They offer extremely high quality customer service, and employees are very professional and quickly react when I address them. They are actively striving for personal cooperation to help traders in any possible way to achieve their financial aspirations. Another reason I continue to work with Profits vision is their variety of educational accounts to meet the needs of traders with different goals and in different financial positions, as well as creative actions, such as large sales and tournaments that they often hold. I carefully studied other companies offering funded accounts for future trade, and, based on my own experience, I came to the conclusion that Profits vision is my best choice.

user_avatarWashington Michael 07.11.2022

I am always impressed by the support team. The service was impeccable. I hope that I can continue to work with Profits vision for many years.

user_avatarCooper Jacob 16.11.2022

I am a newcomer in trading and opted for Profits vision until I was disappointed. What you like: you can trade with a small deposit and mini -bold, operations are quickly underway to establish funds to the account. Detailed analysis of the market in the morning and during the day also likes.

user_avatarBryan Francis 03.12.2022

Yesterday I decided to take a verification by the broker Profits Vision, quite quickly confirmed everything and sent a bonus for this. I’ll try to have a difference between verified and unbelied customers.

user_avatarJoseph Camron 14.12.2022

At the moment, there is an account with Profits Vision, a little more than $ 1,000. So far, PROFITS VISION has not caused any complaints, they work quite well. I have not tried the conclusion yet, but I think there should not be problems. For deposits up to 5 thousand, I think quite a good broker.

user_avatarBrooks Maximillian 15.12.2022

A pretty good Broker Profits Vision, I think you can advise newcomers. Trading comfortably, many contests, shares. And there is the necessary material for learning. So try and then write your reviews.

user_avatarBlack Jonah 20.12.2022

What I want to separately note in the PROFITS Vision broker - these are narrow spreads, quick execution of transactions, reliability of the structure and the ability to connect robots. I continue to cooperate with Profits Vision.