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Beginner’s guide: Review of Stocks Wide

Review of Stocks Wide Dwain Ross

Finding a reliable Forex broker is not an easy task, especially if we need beginner-friendly one. Check our review of Stocks Wide as of 2022 to see, if the company meets this criteria.

What does a beginner broker need? Two things in general – simplicity and assistance when needed. Let’s see whether Stocks Wide can be called the best broker for beginners. The company’s website makes a good impression in this regard. 5 minutes is enough to understand what Forex broker Stocks Wide and what services it provides in general. Whether it is about Forex or other types of assets – everything is explained in details, which are quite easy to understand. The website’s navigation is quite simple, too – everything is where it should be, you don’t have to waste time looking for information in different sections and pages.

The same applies to the payment terms. Forex broker Stocks Wide accept payments by means of bank transfers, CashU, Visa and MasterCard. The payments methods are predictable, reliable and familiar to 99pc of users. That means you won’t have to spent time trying to sort the things related to payments out, which is also good. The only thing to mention is that withdrawal takes up to 2 days since the request is filed. That is something that is worth keeping in mind to avoid surprises in future. To avoid further delays we would recommend passing the full registration procedure, so that Stocks Wide could review and approve your payment details from the only beginning, because you will need the verified account to withdraw funds anyway.

The minimal deposit needed to start trading is just EUR100, which is fair average market’s rate (see table). You will not have access to all types of assets with this deposit, but it is absolutely OK to begin with and to see how the things with Forex broker Stocks Wide work. ”It is not only for beginners, of course. We wanted to make Stocks Wide the best broker for low-cost trading”, - Stocks Wide development director Thomas Mueller explains.

Account type


Minimal deposit in EUR


Assets available

9 major currencies

Other options

- Get Started,

- More than 25 tools available,

- personal account manager,

3 insured trades;

-fixed/floating spreads.


 If some issues occur, there is a learning stage available for all account classes and an account manager at your services. “The learning stage, Get started, I mean, is optional – you can skip it if you want. But that is rather for users with previous trading experience. According to our observations, most beginners don’t miss the opportunity to educate themselves”, Stocks Wide CTO Andreas Schmidt says. Frankly speaking, we are completely agree with this approach and would not recommend to skip it whether you have prior experience or Stocks Wide is your first Forex broker.

But that is not all – there are questions with answers we can’t get from the company. Now is the time to browse through Stocks Wide reviews. They can be good or bad, it doesn’t matter much. You should look into reviews of broker Stocks Wide searching for details and facts, pointing out to any possible problems you can face as Stocks Wide client. The more efforts you put into your investigation, the less chances you’ll have to write negative reviews yourself one day, so take your time.

Luckily for us and for Forex broker Stocks Wide as well there is nothing extremely bad regarding the company on the web. Thomas Mueller insists it is not because the broker tried to hide the negative feedback or something of this kind. “Our philosophy is very simple – we just don’t ignore issues and don’t let them grow into something bigger. It takes a lot of efforts but pays in the end of the day. To tell you the truth, there are some reviews about Stocks Wide that I don’t like much. But the best thing we can do is to address the issues described in those reviews rather than starting arguing with their authors”, he says.

The review of Stocks Wide as of 2022 would not be complete if we did not mention the safety issues. As Andreas Schmidt says, the company dedicated significant resources to create fast, easy to use and safe platform for trading. And the same principle was applied to any data shared by users with Stocks Wide regarding any aspects of their investment activity. “We treat any information we receive from clients as sensitive. We have avoided the leakages of data before and work hard to avoid them in future, in order to keep the safety of investments with Stocks Wide”, he adds.

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