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Stocks Wide acount types review

Stocks Wide acount types Dwain Ross ★★★★★

  1. Who is Stocks Wide
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of Stocks Wide
  3. Accounts at Stocks Wide
  4. Official website of Stocks Wide
  5. How to open an account at Stocks Wide 
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The financial market Forex is known to everyone. This is the most popular trading platform. To work you need a broker. Without an intermediary, nothing will work. Therefore, first of all, you need to choose a company, and then you can start trading.

Who is Stocks Wide?

Forex is a global trading system, which exists for about 40 years. Daily turnover exceeds 5 trillion dollars, which is several times more than any stock exchange.

The company Stocks Wide allows players to work comfortably in the Forex market. It has modern software and multilingual support service. Customers can take advantage of a variety of financial instruments. Plus, there is access to free training.

The team has the best auditors, improving operational and internal processes. There are no obscure fees or hidden commissions assigned for non-existent services. Everything is honest, transparent, and simple. Deposit opens in several national currencies. Exchange rate at the time of crediting.

More than 1000 clients have already appreciated the advantages of the broker. Optimal conditions for trading. There are information sections and other useful "pluses".

A brief review on Stocks Wide introduces the service, its advantages, disadvantages. If we talk about the numbers, there are a couple of million accounts on the site. What can be regarded as an indicator of reliability. Support service works 24/7.

Advantages and disadvantages of Stocks Wide

The company is for affordable education. That's why there are enough free training materials. There are courses, webinars. From time to time there are face-to-face seminars for brokers. Everyone can get the knowledge necessary for trading. A special section contains articles about the Forex platform.


Stocks Wide encourages active players. Has more than 120 financial instruments. Works without failures and weekends. There is a mobile version of the site and an application. Other pluses include:

The official website of Stocks Wide is convenient and simple.


There are also disadvantages:

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of transactions per day are made on the site.

Accounts in Stocks Wide

Stocks Wide Forex has affordable rates. There are accounts for players and investors. You can use the demo version of the site during training.

For brokers:

Type of account


Zero (easy start account, no commission)

The minimum deposit amount is 100 euros/dollars. The maximum number of open orders is unlimited. The minimum lot is 0.01.

Mini (universal account to test the trading conditions of the company)

The size of the minimum deposit is 500 euros/dollars. The maximum amount of open orders is unlimited. The minimum lot is 0.01. The commission for a lot for currency pairs is 10 dollars.

Simple (suitable for the beginning of trading career)

The minimum deposit size is 1000 euros/dollars. The maximum number of open orders is unlimited. The minimum lot is 0.10. The commission per lot for the currency pairs is 10 dollars.

Silver (account for confident and comfortable trading)

The amount of minimum deposit is 10,000 euros/dollars. The maximum number of open orders is unlimited. The minimum lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is 9 dollars.

Gold (for those, who want to increase profit)

The amount of minimum deposit is 25000 euros/dollars. The maximum number of open orders is unlimited. Minimal lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is 8 dollars.

Platinum (for those who want to get the most)

The minimum deposit size is 100000 euros/dollars. The maximum number of open orders is unlimited. The minimum lot is 0.10. The commission per lot for currency pairs is 0 dollars.

For investors starting from $100/€100.

Official website of Stocks Wide

Stocks Wide Forex is a fairly advanced service. The site is intuitive. Support service responds almost immediately.

The interface is thoughtful, not overloaded with unnecessary details. All information is in sections. There is no advertising and intrusive offers. For beginners there is a detailed instruction. The active buttons are highlighted.

Stocks Wide Forex cares about customers. There are 120 tools for trading. On the site you can find:

You can also work without third-party terminals.

How to open an account with Sitename 

To trade, you need to:

The registration process may take some time.

Stocks Wide Overview 

Broker Stocks Wide forex helps you build a portfolio. It also advises on taxation and selects a suitable investment option. It has everything for playing the stock market. The site is convenient. There are bonuses and training. Stocks Wide review allows you to evaluate all the features of the service. All active buttons are located in the top panel.

Analytical tools

The platform for brokers Stocks Wide does not limit customers. All the nuances are outlined in the user agreement. There is a calendar of economic news and other additions. The site has a blog with articles, forecasts, statistics. The company is in demand. There are no hidden payments here. The commission is low. Criteria can be set with the buttons "stop loss" and "take profit".


Stocks Wide is a reliable, honest broker. Works 24/7 even on holidays. There is a handy website and mobile application. Plus, more than 120 tools and training materials are available to players.


Comments (13)
user_avatarMoore Brian 08.11.2022

Stocks wide has always been a very useful service. I know and understand much more about finance and investing.

user_avatarHawkins Mark 12.11.2022

I have been trading for a few months in Stocks wide. Now I have an average account, and started with a minimum. I try not to rush, but also not to lag, and I definitely don’t pursue over profit) I think that you need to always develop in trade in order to have a good income. And the broker is not bad, the spreads and execution are clear.

user_avatarWarner Christopher 16.11.2022

2 months ago I opened an account in Stocks wide. Interested in exclusively passive income. Scattered capital into 5 strategies. The first fruits - +87%, +25%. The remaining 3 dangles within +12% and -2%, but the total profitability is more than suitable.

user_avatarLynch Jack 23.11.2022

I love the application Stocks wide and I can’t wait until I begin to see changes in my investment path. This is, to put it mildly, exciting, and I am ready to see what awaits me in the future thanks to this amazing opportunity. Thank you!

user_avatarOwens Roy 17.12.2022

Instead of spreads, a fixed commission is established, which can significantly reduce costs. The disadvantage of such a system of commissions is that you still have to pay interest on unprofitable transactions. I am not a beginner in trading, but I constantly attend the training section, where experienced traders share secrets of success. I want to try to somehow work with cryptocurrency, because Stocks Wide provides such an opportunity.

user_avatarGoodman Joseph 30.12.2022

I trade with cents, and yet I had all the help, as if I was already a whale. Thanks to Stocks Wide for your attention, and special gratitude to the assistant who was always next to me when I needed something, even when I did not know that I needed it.

user_avatarCollins Joshua 30.12.2022

Stocks Wide broker was notified in a timely manner of changes in the system. Faced with difficulties, they helped me. So thank you for the efficiency.

user_avatarMcDowell Juniper 07.01.2023

The plans have even more to give up to the account, because the money is dripping, the conclusion is normal, but so far there is no such opportunity. But I can’t help but note that now I have a pillow of safety with Stocks Wide and it pleases.

user_avatarMartin Hector 15.01.2023

I like Stocks Wide Tariff plans. You can choose the most suitable option for yourself, depending on how and with what you work. The Stocks Wide Broker itself is quite customer -oriented. It does not push risky strategies, managers will not spank calls, purely as to help you. We must consult - he called and asked everything.

user_avatarParks Kenneth 17.01.2023

Yes, a normal stocks wide broker, you just need to trade wisely. For example, I didn’t buy any papers everything and everything, and even on my shoulders. It is clear that the infinitely growing market is an exaggeration. And then no one suggested such an idea, excellent managers, all for customers.

user_avatarCarr Austin 2/2/2023

There are many trading terminals such as MT4 and MT5. This fact made me join the community of this broker. Moreover, I liked these narrow spreads. It was definitely what I needed for a couple of months. I could not find a broker with such low and narrow spreads. The simplicity of the site and the availability of information are two of the most important points: most users simply close the page forever if they spend several minutes on the site and do not understand what kind of company it is and what it can be useful to them. Stocks Wide broker fully deserves its excellent reputation. A huge number of traders around the world trust her. Broker is a sponsor of many sporting events. In my understanding, a broker for beginners is a broker that provides one universal account with narrow floating spreads and without a minimum depot. Here we see another picture. So, I conclude that Stocks Wide Broker for professionals. I also want to note the training material that is in full access on the site.

user_avatarMarsh Henry 2/8/2023

On the online platform, the best Forex tools are collected. Licenses and trade permits are available around the clock. Stocks Wide works openly and transparently, which is required to work with a reliable broker. Perhaps this is one of the main advantages of the service, because all reporting and documentation are on the site in full accessibility. Each client can count on understandable conditions of cooperation. All operations are carried out only after approval. The company cares about its customers. They have a training account, the so-called demo account, several tariffs and free training. There is a support service. Still, everyone can count on tax consultation and receive recommendations for the preparation of a financial portfolio. There are trading terminals, information articles, a mobile application. Also, this broker has a quality control department that is actively involved in the life of other units of the company. Its activity is aimed at improving the quality of the service. He takes part in the preparation of statists and collection of analytical data. It also specializes in the development of service standards.

user_avatarBlankenship Christopher 2/19/2023

The deposit is replenished through payment systems. You can trade on the official website (it is even necessary to do this only on the official website of the company). The company uses a secure connection and checks each transaction (data confidentiality is guaranteed). There is free training. Stocks Wide broker does not work with non -verified users. To trade, you need to register on the site and confirm the identity through banking. No one offers dubious investments or incomprehensible services. All employees necessarily improve their qualifications in the courses. On the online platform, the best Forex tools are collected. Licenses and trade permits are available around the clock. There are no obsessive consultants and incomprehensible services. All details of cooperation in the user agreement. The support service works without failures. It is operational and multilingual. Users can count on the competence and politeness of the company's specialists. Reviews about Forex brokers will once again prove that Stocks Wide is not a fraudster. The commission is recorded before the tariff shift.