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Is Stocks Wide a scammer? No

Stocks Wide is not a scam Dwain Ross

The main sign of an unscrupulous provider is a guarantee of unusually large earnings with minimal financial risk. There is no universal secret, and even if there were, traders would not share it.

Stocks Wide is not a scammer, because it does not make false promises and does not offer dubious formulas of success. The company is licensed, which confirms the legality of its activities. It does not practice "cold" calls, does not offer to use dubious tools for trading. Everything is transparent and open. Stocks Wide does not deal with hidden fees. Each client has round-the-clock access to the account. Withdrawal of funds is possible at any moment. Deposits are replenished via payment systems, not to a bank card number.

The work of honest brokers on the example of Stocks Wide

A normal broker would not give a 100% guarantee of receiving income. Plus, he will definitely warn about possible risks and provide training. Many companies offer free training materials on trading.

Stocks Widehas a multilingual support service. It works quickly enough. Before concluding a client agreement or making a transaction, you are offered to get acquainted with the terms of service.

All information about schedules, calibrations, and other data is on the website. You can call Stocks Wide, get a consultation over the phone, or contact the chat operator. The broker does not conceal its activities and work history.

All relevant information is provided in writing. There is a demo account. With its help, you can get trading skills, reduce possible risks. The amount of commissions corresponds to a certain rate, there are no hidden fees.

An honest broker prescribes all the details in the terms of service. Here he denotes the interest on loans, the term of crediting funds, etc.

Stocks Wide uses up-to-date software. If desired, the client can download a trading terminal for more comfortable work in Forex. Plus, there is a handy application, a mobile version of the site, to close trades on a smartphone or tablet.

You can also trade by phone. Relevant if you don't have internet. You need to call Stocks Wide to issue an order to the broker.

Customer Service Quality Control Department

Quality Control Department - specializes in independent inspections, analysis of operators' communications with customers. It provides feedback to managers and employees. It also collects analytics necessary for decision-making.

The main tasks of the department at Stocks Wide:

The quality control department has a strict framework and employs about 150 people. That's why the company has the best support service. More than 1,000 satisfied investors have noted the high quality of service. Plus, every employee receives special training. It's a unified system that has no failures. If you think Stocks Wide is a scammer, pay attention to the quality control department and make sure.

How a broker helps to solve clients' problems

The broker can choose the best investment option. He will also advise on taxation and tell you about all the available nuances.

Stocks Wide always takes care of its customers. Should any problems arise with your account, our competent specialists will help you resolve them. The quality assurance department assists in solving problems on an individual basis. It also takes part in:

All strategies are agreed upon in advance, so there will be no unpleasant surprises. If Stocks Wide were a scammer, he would have participated in the compilation of the portfolio, warning of possible risks?


Before trading, study the reviews of Forex brokers. They will help to make sure that Stocks Wide is not a fraud and you can cooperate with it. An honest company does not hide anything, working transparently and openly..


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