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It is easy with SwissUnion Forex broker: trading tips for success

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Most people save money in the stock market. It's great that you are one of the few who really tries to bring your thoughts to life.

While there are indeed a few reliable online portals for beginners with quality forecasts of stock market, most are not very useful for stock trading. Instead of looking for innovative gimmicks or tips to make money in the market, you should rely on time-tested tips to help you become a better trader/investor.

There are no bad strategies, as specialists describe this process, but all the strategies can be applied to the proper market situation.

Getting new account with company like SwissUnion broker will get you started, but before you place your first order, check out what the experts can give you.


Starting trading with company like SwissUnion forex broker provides trader with a number of options that he should analyze.

First, you need to understand the difference between a trader and an investor. A trader is someone who can buy stocks and sell them within minutes, hours, or days. On the other hand, an investor is a long-term market participant who can keep his purchases for several months or even years.

You must be clear about the difference between them and know who you want to be. This is because trading strategies don't work for investors and investment strategies don't work for traders. So, pick a side at the start, as this will work as the basis of your journey through the stock market.


Once you've chosen a side, the next step in how to invest in the stock market is to get the basics right. Try to learn more about what stocks are, time in the stock market, who is a stockbroker, how the market moves, etc. to get an overview of the market.

In their quest to make money fast, most beginners often skip learning the basics. But if you are not familiar with the basics, you will not be able to build your own trading/investment strategies. Spend at least a few days mastering the basics so you really know what to do when you have a trading account.


As the specialists at explained, one of the most important decisions you will need to make at the beginning of your trading journey is to choose a stock broker. When making a decision, focus on factors such as the reputation of the broker, trade portal or software, and brokerage services.

Pay special attention to brokerage as you will have to pay it regardless of whether you are making a profit or loss on the trade. Brokerage services can represent a fixed commission or some percentage of the transaction value. This is especially important for stock traders as multi-trade brokerage stacks up very quickly.


Check the order screen on your stock broker's trading portal and you will see a stop loss option. Stop loss helps reduce losses by allowing you to choose the price at which your position will be automatically squared.


Lack of capital is one of the most common problems for stock market traders. To help traders solve this problem, stock brokers are now offering margin. For example, a broker can provide you with 5x the margin on your capital.

However, trades placed on margin usually need to be cleared before the market closes on the same day. While margin can be beneficial for professional traders, beginners should avoid using it as it can lead to serious losses. SwissUnion Forex broker tip: trade only with the capital you have and use the margin after gaining a certain experience.


To help traders who cannot spend long hours in front of the screen during market hours, SwissUnion Forex Broker now offers many different types of trade orders. Some of the most common trade types are regular trades, stop loss (SL), intraday margin increase (MIS), bracket order (BO), limit order, and protective order (CO).

Understand how different order types work to become an expert trader. If you are looking for how to invest in stocks for newbies with little money, it is best to stick to regular orders and stop losses. Regular orders can only be placed if you have the required buy capital available in your trading account.

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user_avatarCannon Williamя 08.11.2021

Worked with Swissunion most of the year and is quite satisfied. They are definitely decent.

user_avatarLeonard Camron 09.11.2021

I was never very interested in all these forex things, but they have aroused my interest after I led this conversation with a man ... I need advice from people who understand this thing. Can I earn money?

user_avatarJohns Paul 09.11.2021

Has never heard anything about these Swissunion people. Can someone share information? I still think about which broker I should choose ...

user_avatarCarpenter Anthony 30.11.2021

You know people when a broker was bad in their experience means Nichet that it's all ... I have been working with Swissunion for half a year now and am completely satisfied.

user_avatarWilcox Patrick 14.12.2021

This broker is working very well, I did not have delays with the output, the platform works quickly, and in general the quality of services is excellent. There is something to offer. Good broker, they are honest and transparent in all transactions.

user_avatarFleming Brian 15.12.2021

I struck me with all the services. I am very confident that I will consistently achieve good results in trading. Trading services and results are really good. I spend time with them perfectly.

user_avatarFranklin David 19.12.2021

Quick output and good service. I will definitely stay with this broker. Positive experience. I was able to quickly withdraw money and get good money from deals. I did not find anything unusual here, for which it would be complain. I have a good experience with this broker. They really helped me very much when I was in a difficult financial situation.

user_avatarFoster John 23.12.2021

I earned money on trading started