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Phishing is a form of deception in which attackers send a message (trap) to one or more people to convince them to disclose their identity. Typically, this information is then used to commit fraudulent activities, such as transferring funds from your bank account, purchases using your credit cards, or other criminal behaviour that requires the use of such data.

Phishing is constantly evolving. In this guide from the SwissUnion scam protection department, you will learn ways hackers try to get their hands on your data and how to protect yourself.

How to define phishing?

The most common tool currently used by cybercriminals to carry out phishing attacks is email. Their messages are usually very persuasive because they pretend to be sent by an organization known and trusted by the user with whom the user usually works, such as a bank or company with which they conduct commercial transactions over the Internet.

According to SwissUnion scam detection team Identifying fraudulent messages:

A phishing attack produces a false message that looks like an official or real message sent by a bank, service provider, or any company or organization with which they are associated. These types of messages include logos, colours, structure, and other elements that appear authentic at first glance. Learning to recognize these types of messages is the key to not being deceived by them and not becoming victims of identity theft. Some examples:

Please be aware that our suppliers will not ask us to provide them with our access codes.

We always initiate contact actions with our suppliers to ensure that if we have your contact information or we know how to access it, we talk to someone.

Before clicking on them, check where the URLs of the links they send us point to, as in many cases they have nothing to do with the original domains of the company that is allegedly sending us the message/request.

Protection from phishing attacks

According to SwissUnion scam detection experts, spam filters on your email account can prevent many phishing emails from reaching your inbox. But scammers are always trying to bypass spam filters, so it's a good idea to add extra protection. How you can protect yourself:


A few steps to help you prevent phishing attacks

Security software helps you to protect your computer. Set the program to update automatically so that it can deal with any new security threats.

A multi-factor authentication system will help protect your passwords.

Update your smartphone's software will keep you safe. These updates can offer you important protection against security threats.

The data you have, such as the code you receive through a text message or an authentication app.

Certain personally identifiable information such as a fingerprint, retina, or face scan.

This system makes it harder for scammers who have your username and password to gain access to your accounts.

SwissUnion scam protection tips: Preventive measures to avoid falling victim to phishing

The following measures are designed to minimize the negative consequences of a phishing attack and, if possible, prevent it.

Do not send personal information in emails. Email, unless encryption and/or digital signatures are used, is not a secure means of sending personal or confidential information.

Do not enter from public places. As much as possible, avoid accessing the website of a financial institution or e-commerce institution from an Internet cafe, telephone booth, or another public place. Computers installed in these locations may contain malicious software or hardware designed to collect your personal information.

Check the security indicators of the website where you will be entering personal information. If you need to complete the procedure or provide your organization's personal information via a website, enter the web address yourself in your browser and look for site security indicators. Please note, however, that the web address begins with HTTPS: //, wheres means that the transmission of information is secure. Also, make sure there is a closed padlock at the bottom of the browser. By clicking on the latter, you can check the validity of the digital certificate and obtain information about the identity of the site you are accessing.

Keep track of your PC's software updates: Install security updates for your operating system and all applications you use, especially your antivirus product, your web client and your email client. Most modern systems allow these updates to be configured automatically.

Review your bank and credit card statements as soon as you receive them. If you find unauthorized payments or transactions, contact the issuing organization immediately. Also, contact it if there is an unusual delay in receiving abstracts.

Do not download or open files from untrusted sources. These files may contain viruses or malware that could allow an attacker to gain access to your computer and therefore all information that is stored or entered on it.

Finally, always be vigilant to avoid unauthorized access to your personal information. We see new deception strategies emerging day by day. Your lack of trust and the care with which you analyze the websites on which you post your credentials is your best defence.

Get spyware protection

An unprotected computer is an open door for email phishing attacks. For more effective protection SwissUnion scam detection team advises you to use a spam filter or gateway to scan incoming messages.

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