The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks

Who is a Forex Broker? Trendsmacro broker

Trendsmacro broker for beginners and experienced traders. Trendsmacro forex broker Dwain Ross ★★★★★

A Forex Broker (like Trendsmacro broker) is a person or organization that acts as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller. A broker is not necessarily an individual - in many cases, a company or any other legal entity can act as a broker. For their services, brokers receive a commission, the amount of which is clearly indicated on broker’s website.

What’s you need to know about Forex




Intricate system of transactions and settlements. Quotes that change every second, same way fast-changing charts, unfamiliar terms. Even if you study thoroughly the theory of the Forex market, it provides no guaranty that theory will work out in practice. The only way is the constant self-development in this area, not a second of standing still. It takes a lot of time and mental resources. And of course, there must be some luck involved.

If you can seriously increase profits, of course, you can seriously burn out. This is the main danger in the trader's path. You need to work out your own long-term profitable Forex strategy for a long time and persistently, otherwise there is nothing to do in the foreign exchange market and with Trendsmacro forex broker. There are no strategies on the Forex exchange that bring guaranteed profits.


Trendsmacro review

Trendsmacro forex broker offers a lot of assets you can trade, as well as a number of different account variations. Some of them are built especially for newcomers who make their first steps in the field of Forex trading. Others will be more suitable for experienced investors.


On market since



Local Regulators


Marshall Islands


Trendsmacro broker has a reputation of a new but promising company. It was created by traders for traders, and that means that they hire a lot of specialists to help your trading to become profitable and easy. Company offers CFDs on currency pairs and other assets.



Stocks, currencies, indices, metals and energies

Minimal deposit





Floating from 2.8 pips

Minimal spread


Minimal lot




Trust management


Trading platform





50 currency pairs,

45+ CFD

Account Currency



No commission for all accounts

Is Trendsmacro scam?

The business is a part of the Ascana Group, which works in financial sphere for years. A quick glance on the professional path of this organization uncovers that the parent company is quite old and reliable element in the online business world.

Trader reviews show that the company has a lot of opportunities for fair traders and none for scammers. Since it works strictly according to KYC policy, it is impossible to start trading process without the full verification.

Trendsmacro broker is known for its strong reputation as a market leading company in the terms of cyber security. Along with that, another group of policies, AML directives, describes all the ways for traders to withdraw or deposit the money to the account. It is extremely important to fight the money laundering, and Trendsmacro broker system is built as a safe and comfortable environment with clear and easy rules to follow.



Thinking about the dubious condition of the world and the continuous tough situation, Trendsmacro forex broker present status is completely amazing. It has not only built the strong working system of trading, but also stayed in the position of a market leader, providing top of the class services to its new and existing clients.

In any case, the most energizing point of interest is that it's probably going to develop significantly further later on. We're monitoring its path, and it looks like a quick start for the fast growth. Obviously, we suggest you try Trendsmacro broker as a company that will lead you to profits.

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