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Why some Forex courses are scam: trendsmacro scam analysts tips

Trendsmacro scam analysts tips | scam? Dwain Ross ★★★★★

Many novice traders have such a great desire to cut easy money that critical thinking is completely turned off. And many of them are beginning to invest their money in an obvious scam.

The main secret of the Forex market from

Newbies' belief in a universal key, a perfect formula, or a win-win strategy played a trick on them. All of them united lost billions of dollars. After all, the main secret of Forex is that there is no secret. There is no information that allows gaining non-stop profits.

Sometimes the Forex market is kind of unpredictable chaos, sometimes it follows the rules on technical analysis – but there’s no way to know for sure. Moreover, no one can give any guarantees. Even the most successful traders at lose trades sometimes. The difference between them and the losers is that they distribute their capital, optimize risks and do not rush headlong into another dubious deal, which supposedly promises huge profits. They use risk management and stop losses with no attempts to win it all back immediately.


Trendsmacro scam analytics: false Forex courses

There are more advertisements for forex courses than forex brokers. No wonder, because they generate good income.

Beginners who dream of breaking into the magical world of forex trading bring their own money to them. Alas, in most cases they pay for information that is either of no value or is freely available.

The difference between expectations from the effect of promoted rates and reality is so great that it affects the entire Forex market. The web is full of reviews of people who gave a lot of money for "secret formulas", which turned out to be absolutely useless. In their opinion, it is not they themselves who are to blame, but the creators of forex courses who sold what can be obtained for free.


Effectiveness of forex courses - trendsmacro advice

Someone may think that training costs nothing. In fact, this is not the case. Forex courses can be quite helpful.

For example, banks and official licensed brokers provide financial literacy courses. They tell you how to properly budget, manage capital, and also provide basic investment skills.

Through courses, banks and brokers like Trendsmacro Forex broker draw attention to their services. First, they train basic skills, and then offer to apply them in practice. The information that students receive is useful and relevant. Plus, it's free in most cases like at for its clients.

Paid programs that provide general knowledge about investing and trading can also be quite effective. They usually last longer than the free ones, offer more in-depth and specific knowledge. They cover key aspects. They also help to learn about those areas of the market that the trader did not even think about.

An important factor in the effectiveness of trading courses, according to Trendsmacro specialists is relevance. A beginner should not undertake advanced training programs designed for professionals with certain experience and knowledge. They won't understand a thing. This means they will get even more confused and waste their time.

There are thousands of approaches to trading according to trendsmacro review. Some are based on:

They all have the right to live. There is no the one and only correct approach, there are many strategies that traders are building for themselves during the trading.

And this can be a problem for a trader. Because many courses are designed for experienced players who know what they are dealing with. They learn from their own vision of trading. And that’s not what novice can do on his own.

Trading schools, forex courses and practicing traders offer different forms of knowledge transfer. Each of them has its own characteristics and disadvantages. team about ‘ready strategies’ - to buy or not to buy
Some ‘experts’ are offering their ‘perfect’ strategies for money, others are free. The effectiveness of both types is approximately the same. Moreover, a significant part of the strategies sold for money can be found in the public domain. According to analysts of Trendsmacro scam services of paid strategies receive massive profit.

In short, a good strategy should:

The value of the strategy for a beginner trader who only understands Forex is close to zero. This approach is too specific. As soon as the market changes, the most effective strategy immediately stops working.

Trendsmacro analysts’ conclusion:

Remember, no matter how effective and informative the courses are, they will not make you an experienced trader. With their help, you organize your knowledge. That is, get a good base. To gain the skills necessary for successful trading, you need to constantly develop: work, make mistakes, and then carefully analyze and correct them.

By learning the basics and basic rules of the foreign exchange markets, you practically protect yourself from future scams.


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