The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks

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 Opportunities for traders, which are offered by TrendsTurbo broker.

Novice investors have many questions, the understanding of the answers to which may depend on the success of their activities on the exchange. Today we will try to answer the most important ones.

Why do you need a Forex broker like broker?

According to current laws, individuals cannot directly sell and buy shares on the exchange. It is available from specialized intermediaries called brokers.

The main tasks of the broker company like TrendsTurbo broker:

What is the most important point to know before choosing a broker: 

Software: TrendsTurbo broker tips

If you plan to trade online, check with your broker to find out what is needed for this. Is it possible to make transactions through the site without installing additional software, or will you have to download a special program to your computer - a trading terminal? Study the system requirements, find out if it is technically possible to install a trading terminal on your computer.

If you are going to trade via a smartphone or tablet, check with your broker if this is possible. Check if this mobile application is suitable for your gadgets and if it is paid. For example, TrendsTurbo Forex broker proposes web terminal as well as mobile apps for tablets and smartphones – and that combination allows almost every trader to find convenient way to trade.

Training broker tips

If you decide to trade on your own, you will have to learn. Some brokers offer free training: webinars, training videos, step-by-step instructions. You usually get access to them if you become a client and open a brokerage account. There are also paid courses, the accompaniment of an experienced mentor, financial advice - explore all the possibilities that your potential broker offers. broker provides educational materials for free, and every newcomer gets personal manager who can help to start trading.

It is good if the broker's trading program has a demo mode. For example, after you registered on the TrendsTurbo broker website, you receive links to download the trading program and keys (digital security files) for installation. On some other websites you can install the program and try yourself as an investor without opening an account. You will not trade with real money, but in a test mode to understand how exchange trading works with no risks.

Yet there’s one thing that differs demo account from the real one. You’ll never actually learn trading while you don’t use real money. Trading with real balance allows you to feel every market movement with real emotions, and demo is just a simulation. So most of traders prefer to start trading on a real account from day one and learn it all with a small amounts of investments.

What is strategy?

A strategy according to TrendsTurbo Forex broker is a set of investment parameters that determine your style of behaviour on the exchange: what assets you trade, how often you sell, what guides you when making decisions (for example, do you watch the news that affects the market).

The simplest version of the strategy looks like that - you choose:

The best strategy as told by TrendsTurbo broker analysts is to be rationally sceptical. In the financial market, especially when it comes to investments and not savings, it is better to double-check the signals from trading advisers if you use robots. That’s software and it can work wrong in some conditions. Be especially vigilant when it comes to free soft because you’ll never know why its developers set is up for free.

When determining the tools that you will use, correlate them with your personality traits. TrendsTurbo Forex broker analysts constantly work on market research, and say that stocks trading is most nervous. If you are too emotional, seriously worried about losses, then trading with leverage (that is, with a loan provided by a broker) and investing in stocks is not for you: there is a risk of making wrong decisions in a panic and aggravating financial losses. Stress is bad for your health. Invest in risky instruments only if you are tolerating losses well. 

"Save" and "increase" are two different investment strategies. They imply not only different goals, but also different tools, knowledge and skills, investment horizon, level of accepted risk. About the financial safety cushion, which may be needed at any time, the “save” strategy is the most appropriate. This strategy requires a minimum of knowledge and effort, but it allows you to overtake inflation, that is, preserve the purchasing power of your savings. The “multiply” strategy is adequate for money that you do not plan to spend in the nearest future. TrendsTurbo broker experts remind you that by investing, you can multiply your funds, but you can also get negative results.


Before investing in stocks, set aside money for life and unexpected expenses: create a safe cushion, open a bank deposit, or buy low-risk assets. Remember that investments are always risky and you can not only earn a lot but also lose everything. Invest the amount that you are internally willing to lose - alas, this is possible. Before jumping into battle, study the theoretical part. scam
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Comments (4)
user_avatarLambert 05.05.2021

I alternate on long-term orders, and the technical condition of the platform is so much critical for me. After those weeks all I actually have to mention is that the graphs are clean, with no bizarre jumps or useless information, and seems like MT4 offers me the whole lot I want in terms of contraptions and gear.

user_avatarAbner 08.05.2021

I traded for three months, withdrew a complete of about 60% of my initial deposit as a earnings in the course of this time. There become one time after I had to look forward to 10 hours for my withdrawal, all the others went fast and clean.

user_avatarCurtis 14.05.2021

Trade with them for two weeks. Was surprised that it actually works. I give this company 8 out of 10 for their services.

user_avatarJhon Richardson 28.05.2021

Please note that the firm has several account types. I didn’t even realize how much different they are until I saw the spreads on Platinum type.