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TrendsTurbo scam check advice: Top popular internet scam schemes in 2021

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Every year, scam schemes become more sophisticated, and it becomes more and more difficult to identify them. New technologies only play into the hands of criminals. And the most unpleasant thing is that the victim gives money to the scammers, without even thinking about the consequences. TrendsTurbo forex broker experts analyzed the top scam schemes on the web that will be popular in 2021.

TrendsTurbo scam check: Ad platforms

This is not a new fraudulent scheme, but it is now actively gaining momentum, so anyone can fall for the bait of a swindler. Cybercriminals mainly hunt on ad sites, and it is extremely difficult to identify them. The whole process can be decomposed into stages:

An attacker selects a certain valuable item on an ad site. It can be expensive equipment, jewellery, luxury cosmetics, etc.

After that, the swindler calls the seller with the intention of buying. Finds out the bank card number and other details for transferring money.

Next, the offender creates a copy of the ad with the thing he wants to get and waits for naive buyers. When an unsuspecting customer asks for payment details, the fraudster gives the merchant's real bank details.

The deceived buyer transfers the amount of money to the seller's card, and the attacker, posing as a client, takes the thing. As a result, the swindler has an expensive product on his hands, and the buyer has a huge minus on the account.

As for Forex, that scheme works for buying of a premium courses and large signal packages which are quite expensive.

TrendsTurbo scam detection advice: in order not to get caught in the network of such scammers, always check the payment details independently and see if there are any other services with such an offer online.

TrendsTurbo scam check: Social networks

Social networks open up unlimited opportunities for scammers: from pseudo-charity to treat non-existent people with non-existent diagnoses to outright scam with contributions.

But in 2020, a new fraudulent scheme was detected by experts - a free loan. Be careful if an unknown "banker" knocks on your friend's door and offers a loan in a European bank at 2-5% per annum. Moreover, the higher the loan amount, the lower the percentage. The fraudster will convince you that this is the ideal option for buying an apartment, car or another expensive item.

To complete the contract, you will be asked for the card number and CVV number to transfer the amount immediately to the account. And this is where the most interesting thing begins: as soon as the attacker receives your bank data, he will immediately disappear, taking all the funds in the account.

As for Forex, fraudsters will act as a company employees and will try to get access to your account, pretending that you’ve got a special offer from the company. scam detection reminder: even the employees of the bank in which the card is opened cannot demand a CVV code from you. This is the only key to protect your bank account from fraud. Therefore, if some banker, broker, philanthropist asks you to name the CVV code, you should know that it is a scam! Remember: broker employees will never ask you about your bank details – you deposit money to your account yourself.

TrendsTurbo scam check: Messengers

In 2020, fraudulent schemes in messengers were popular, and you need to know in advance how to identify scammers. The most common cheating method is fake profiles of well-known online brokers or stores. The scheme is simple: attackers create a fake online store account and send you information about huge discounts and sales, or about best trading offers and packages.

As a rule, one of the main conditions for purchasing goods at a reduced price is card payment. Thus, you get rid of taxes and save 20% of the cost of the goods. The offer is more than profitable, isn't it? Naive buyers, inspired by the prospect of a pleasant freebie, transfer thousands of money to the scammers' card.

Talking about brokers, this scheme works this way: some new contact person of your brokers asks you if you want to open additional account, with no taxes or fees, if you manage to send money to the direct card. Everything else stays the same: fraudsters disappear, you get nothing. scam detection reminder:

TrendsTurbo scam check: what is similar in all those cases?

Attackers always act according to the following scheme: you get some invitation to some event, or offer, or club of interests, or something like that, from a person that can’t provide you with any details of deal. No website, no phone number, no address, in most cases even no email. You have only one channel of communication, no any login or password to any system, just empty promises. scam detection reminder: So, if you do not want to become a victim of scammers, follow these simple rules:

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